Did Ford Beat Ferrari at Le Mans

Did Ford Beat Ferrari at Le Mans?

The Beginning of the Rivalry

Ford and Ferrari are two famous car makers. They have a long history of rivalry. This rivalry started in the 1960s.

Ferrari was winning many races, especially at Le Mans. Le Mans is a very hard 24-hour race in France. Ford wanted to beat Ferrari very badly.

Ford’s Plan to Beat Ferrari

Ford tried to buy Ferrari. But Enzo Ferrari, the owner, said no. This made Henry Ford II very angry. He decided to build a car to beat Ferrari at Le Mans.

Ford hired a team of experts. They worked very hard to design and build a fast car. This car was named the Ford GT40.

Did Ford Beat Ferrari at Le Mans

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The Challenges

Building a race car is not easy. The team faced many problems. The car had to be fast and strong. It needed to last for 24 hours of hard racing.

They tested the car many times. They made many changes to make it better. The team worked day and night to get it ready for the big race.

The Race at Le Mans

In 1964 and 1965, Ford tried to win at Le Mans but failed. They did not give up. They learned from their mistakes and kept improving the car.

Finally, in 1966, Ford was ready. They entered the race with three GT40s. The race was very exciting. Many cars had problems and crashed.

The Victory

After 24 hours, Ford’s hard work paid off. The Ford GT40s finished in first, second, and third place. Ford had beaten Ferrari at Le Mans!

This was a huge victory for Ford. It showed that they could build a car that was fast and strong. They proved that they could beat Ferrari.

The Aftermath

Ford’s victory at Le Mans was just the beginning. They won again in 1967, 1968, and 1969. This made Ford a legend in racing.

Ferrari also continued to race and win. The rivalry between Ford and Ferrari is still remembered today. It is one of the most exciting stories in car racing history.

Did Ford Beat Ferrari at Le Mans

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Interesting Facts

  • The Ford GT40 was named because it was only 40 inches tall.
  • The GT40 could reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour.
  • Ken Miles, a famous driver, helped make the GT40 better.
  • Le Mans is the oldest sports car race in the world, starting in 1923.


Ford did beat Ferrari at Le Mans. It took a lot of hard work and determination. The victory was a big moment in car racing history.

The story of Ford and Ferrari is still inspiring today. It shows that with hard work and a strong team, anything is possible.

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