Does Ferrari Have Apple Carplay

Does Ferrari Have Apple CarPlay? | Ferrari Technology

Explore if Ferrari cars include Apple CarPlay technology.


Ferrari is a famous car brand. They make fast and stylish cars. Many people ask if Ferrari has Apple CarPlay. This article will answer that question.

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is a smart feature. It connects your iPhone to your car. You can use your iPhone safely while driving.

  • Make calls
  • Send and receive messages
  • Listen to music
  • Use navigation

Apple CarPlay makes driving easier and safer.

Ferrari and Apple CarPlay

Many Ferrari models come with Apple CarPlay. Ferrari wants to give the best technology to drivers. Apple CarPlay is one of those technologies.

Ferrari Model Apple CarPlay Availability
Ferrari 488 GTB Yes
Ferrari 812 Superfast Yes
Ferrari Portofino Yes
Ferrari GTC4Lusso Yes

These Ferrari models have Apple CarPlay. This feature helps drivers stay connected while driving.

Does Ferrari Have Apple Carplay


Does Ferrari Have Apple Carplay


Benefits of Apple CarPlay in Ferrari

1. Easy Navigation

Apple CarPlay provides easy navigation. You can use Apple Maps. It gives real-time traffic updates. You will never get lost.

2. Hands-free Control

You can control your iPhone with your voice. Siri helps you make calls and send messages. You can keep your hands on the wheel.

3. Entertainment

Listen to your favorite music. You can use apps like Apple Music and Spotify. Enjoy your drive with great tunes.

4. Safety

Apple CarPlay helps you stay focused. You do not need to look at your phone. It is safer for you and others on the road.

How to Use Apple CarPlay in Ferrari

  1. Connect your iPhone to the car with a USB cable.
  2. Apple CarPlay will appear on the car’s screen.
  3. Use the touchscreen or voice commands to control it.
  4. Enjoy all the features while driving.


Ferrari cars do have Apple CarPlay. It makes driving more fun and safe. Many Ferrari models include this feature. If you have an iPhone, you will love Apple CarPlay in your Ferrari. It is easy to use and very helpful. Enjoy your drive with Ferrari and Apple CarPlay.

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