How Much Does a New Bentley Suv Cost

How Much Does a New Bentley SUV Cost?

Bentley is a brand known for luxury and performance. Their SUVs are no exception. If you are considering buying a new Bentley SUV, you might be curious about the cost. This article will help you understand the different models, features, and prices.

How Much Does a New Bentley Suv Cost


Different Models of Bentley SUVs

Bentley offers different models of SUVs. Each model has unique features and pricing. Let’s explore them below.

Bentley Bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga is one of the most popular Bentley SUVs. It is known for its luxurious design and powerful performance.

Features of Bentley Bentayga

  • Luxurious Interior: The Bentayga has a premium interior with high-quality materials.
  • Powerful Engine: It comes with a powerful engine that ensures a smooth ride.
  • Advanced Technology: The SUV is equipped with the latest technology for an enhanced driving experience.
  • Safety Features: It has advanced safety features to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Price of Bentley Bentayga

The price of the Bentley Bentayga varies based on the model and features you choose. Here is a table with the estimated prices:

Model Starting Price
Bentley Bentayga V8 $177,000
Bentley Bentayga Speed $245,000
Bentley Bentayga Hybrid $187,000

Bentley Bentayga Ewb

The Bentley Bentayga EWB is another luxurious SUV from Bentley. It offers more space and comfort.

Features of Bentley Bentayga EWB

  • Extended Wheelbase: The EWB model has a longer wheelbase for more legroom.
  • Luxurious Seating: It offers plush seating for ultimate comfort.
  • High-End Technology: The SUV is packed with high-end technology features.
  • Customizable Options: You can customize the interior and exterior to your liking.

Price of Bentley Bentayga EWB

The price of the Bentley Bentayga EWB is higher due to its extended features. Here is a table with the estimated prices:

Model Starting Price
Bentley Bentayga EWB V8 $230,000
Bentley Bentayga EWB Speed $270,000

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Bentley SUV

Several factors affect the cost of a Bentley SUV. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision.

Customization Options

Bentley offers various customization options for their SUVs. You can choose different colors, materials, and features. Customization can increase the price significantly.

Engine Type

The type of engine you choose also affects the price. More powerful engines tend to be more expensive. For example, the Bentayga Speed has a higher price due to its powerful engine.

Technology Features

The inclusion of advanced technology features can also impact the cost. Features like advanced navigation, entertainment systems, and safety technology can add to the price.

Luxury Additions

Luxury additions such as premium leather seats, wood trims, and custom interiors can increase the overall cost. These additions enhance the comfort and aesthetics of the SUV.

Is a Bentley SUV Worth the Cost?

Buying a Bentley SUV is a significant investment. But is it worth the cost? Let’s explore some reasons why it might be.

Unmatched Luxury

Bentley SUVs offer unmatched luxury. The interiors are crafted with high-quality materials. Every detail is designed to provide comfort and elegance.

Superior Performance

Bentley SUVs are known for their superior performance. The powerful engines ensure a smooth and exhilarating ride. Whether you are driving in the city or on the highway, you will enjoy the performance.

Advanced Technology

The SUVs come with advanced technology features. From navigation to entertainment, everything is top-notch. The technology enhances the driving experience and keeps you connected.

High Resale Value

Bentley SUVs have a high resale value. Investing in a Bentley can be a good decision financially. The brand’s reputation ensures that the vehicles retain their value over time.

How Much Does a New Bentley Suv Cost



In conclusion, the cost of a new Bentley SUV varies based on the model and features. The Bentley Bentayga and Bentayga EWB are two popular models with different price ranges. Factors like customization, engine type, technology, and luxury additions affect the overall cost. While the price may be high, the unmatched luxury, superior performance, advanced technology, and high resale value make Bentley SUVs worth the investment.

If you are considering buying a new Bentley SUV, take the time to explore the different models and features. Understanding the costs and benefits can help you make an informed decision. Enjoy the luxury and performance that only a Bentley can offer.

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