How Much is a Ferrari Motorcycle

How Much is a Ferrari Motorcycle?
How Much is a Ferrari Motorcycle


Introduction to Ferrari Motorcycles

Ferrari is famous for its cars. But did you know they also have motorcycles? These bikes are rare and special. Let’s learn more about them.

History of Ferrari Motorcycles

Ferrari made only one motorcycle. It was a special project. This motorcycle is called the Ferrari 900. It was made in 1995. It was a unique creation by David Kay, a bike designer. He got permission from Ferrari to use their name.

Features of the Ferrari 900

The Ferrari 900 is a powerful bike. It has a 900cc engine. It can go very fast. The body is sleek and red, just like Ferrari cars. Let’s look at some key features:

Feature Description
Engine 900cc, 4-cylinder
Top Speed Over 160 mph
Design Red, sleek, aerodynamic

Price of a Ferrari Motorcycle

Ferrari motorcycles are very rare. Because of this, they are very expensive. The Ferrari 900 is the only Ferrari motorcycle. It was sold at an auction. The price was very high. It sold for around $300,000.

Why is it So Expensive?

The Ferrari 900 is expensive for many reasons. Here are some:

  • It is unique. Only one was made.
  • It has a powerful engine.
  • It was designed by a famous bike designer.
  • It has the Ferrari name.

Where Can You Buy a Ferrari Motorcycle?

Buying a Ferrari motorcycle is not easy. They are very rare. You might find one at an auction. Sometimes collectors sell them. You need to keep an eye on specialty auctions.

How Much is a Ferrari Motorcycle



Ferrari motorcycles are rare and special. The Ferrari 900 is a unique bike. It is very expensive, but it is a piece of art. If you ever get a chance to see one, it will be a treat.

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