How to Close Moonroof on Lexus Rx 350 : Quick and Easy Tips

How to Close Moonroof on Lexus Rx 350

Are you driving your Lexus Rx 350 and suddenly realize that you left the moonroof open? Don’t worry, it’s a common situation, and closing the moonroof is a simple process. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to close the moonroof on your Lexus Rx 350, ensuring you can continue your drive without any hassle.

Step-by-Step Guide to Close Moonroof on Lexus Rx 350

Follow these easy steps to close the moonroof on your Lexus Rx 350:

Step 1: Locate The Moonroof Controls

The moonroof controls in the Lexus Rx 350 are typically located on the overhead console, just above the rearview mirror. The controls may consist of buttons or a dial that allows you to operate the moonroof.

Step 2: Turn Off The Ignition

Before attempting to close the moonroof, make sure to turn off the ignition. This is a safety precaution to prevent any electrical mishaps while handling the moonroof controls.

Step 3: Close The Moonroof

Using the designated control (button or dial), gently and steadily close the moonroof. If your Lexus Rx 350 is equipped with a one-touch moonroof feature, simply press and release the close button, and the moonroof will automatically close fully.

Step 4: Check For Proper Closure

After closing the moonroof, it’s essential to ensure that it is fully sealed. Take a moment to inspect the edges of the moonroof to verify that there are no gaps or openings. A properly closed moonroof will provide a tight seal to prevent any water or debris from entering the vehicle.

Tips for Maintaining Your Lexus Rx 350 Moonroof

Once you have successfully closed the moonroof on your Lexus Rx 350, consider these maintenance tips to prolong its longevity:

  • Regularly clean the moonroof and its surrounding area to prevent debris from interfering with the seal.
  • Apply a small amount of silicone-based lubricant to the moonroof seals to keep them pliable and water-resistant.
  • Inspect the drainage channels around the moonroof for any blockages and clear them as needed to prevent water accumulation.
  • Refrain from using excessive force when operating the moonroof to prevent damage to the motor or mechanism.

Why Proper Moonroof Maintenance is Important

Ensuring that your Lexus Rx 350’s moonroof is properly maintained and closed when not in use offers several benefits:

  • Prevents water leaks and interior damage: A securely closed moonroof prevents water from entering the vehicle, reducing the risk of interior water damage.
  • Enhances driving comfort: By minimizing wind noise and air turbulence, a closed moonroof contributes to a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.
  • Prolongs the moonroof’s lifespan: Regular maintenance and proper closure help extend the longevity of the moonroof and its components, saving you from costly repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Close Moonroof On Lexus Rx 350 : Quick And Easy Tips

How Do I Close The Moonroof On Lexus Rx 350?

To close the moonroof on a Lexus Rx 350, simply press the close button located on the overhead console. This will automatically close the moonroof.

Can I Close The Moonroof Manually On A Lexus Rx 350?

Yes, you can manually close the moonroof on a Lexus Rx 350 by turning the close button in the overhead console.

Is It Safe To Close The Moonroof While Driving?

It is not recommended to close the moonroof while driving due to safety concerns. It is best to pull over and then close the moonroof.

What Should I Do If The Moonroof On My Lexus Rx 350 Won’t Close?

If the moonroof is not closing on your Lexus Rx 350, check for any obstructions and make sure the motor is functioning properly. It may require professional inspection.


Knowing how to properly close the moonroof on your Lexus Rx 350 is an essential skill for every owner. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide and maintaining your moonroof regularly, you can ensure a seamless driving experience and prolong the lifespan of this stylish feature in your vehicle.

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