How to Open Gas Cap Jeep Cherokee : Quick and Easy Tips

If you’re a new Jeep Cherokee owner or have recently found yourself in a situation where you can’t figure out how to open the gas cap, you’re not alone. The gas cap on a Jeep Cherokee can sometimes be a bit tricky to unlock, and it’s important to know the correct way to do it to avoid any frustrations or potential damage to the cap.

Steps to Open the Gas Cap on a Jeep Cherokee

Here are the steps you should follow to easily open the gas cap on your Jeep Cherokee:

Step 1: Locate The Gas Cap

The first step is to locate the gas cap on your Jeep Cherokee. It is typically located on the rear side of the vehicle, on the same side as the fuel door. The fuel door is a small, hinged door that covers the gas cap and is used to access the fuel tank.

Step 2: Unlock The Gas Cap

Once you’ve located the gas cap, you’ll need to unlock it. To do this, look for a small lever or button near the driver’s seat, often on the floor or under the dashboard. Pulling or pushing this lever or button will release the gas cap and allow you to access it.

Step 3: Turn The Gas Cap

After unlocking the gas cap, you can now twist it counterclockwise to open it. This action may require a bit of force, especially if the cap hasn’t been opened in a while. Be sure to hold onto the gas cap as you twist it to prevent it from dropping and potentially getting damaged.

Step 4: Refuel The Vehicle

With the gas cap removed, you can now refuel your Jeep Cherokee as needed. Make sure to secure the gas cap properly after refueling to prevent any fuel leaks or damage while driving.

Tips for Opening the Gas Cap

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when opening the gas cap on your Jeep Cherokee:

  • Always ensure that the vehicle is parked and the engine is turned off before attempting to open the gas cap.
  • If the gas cap is difficult to open, try pressing down slightly on the cap while turning it to relieve any pressure that may have built up in the tank.
  • Be mindful of any dirt or debris around the gas cap area, as these can fall into the fuel tank if not cleared away before opening the cap.
  • Regularly check the gas cap for any signs of wear or damage, and replace it if necessary to prevent fuel evaporation and maintain proper fuel system pressure.


Opening the gas cap on a Jeep Cherokee is a simple process once you know the correct steps to follow. By locating the gas cap, unlocking it, and then carefully turning it to open, you can easily access your vehicle’s fuel tank and keep your Jeep Cherokee running smoothly.

Remember to always handle the gas cap with care and ensure that it is securely fastened after refueling to prevent any issues down the road. Following these steps will help you open the gas cap on your Jeep Cherokee with ease and confidence.

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