How to Turn on Forward Collision Warning Jeep Compass : Master Your Safety Control

How to Turn on Forward Collision Warning in Jeep Compass

If you drive a Jeep Compass, you know the importance of safety features that can help prevent accidents on the road. One such feature is the Forward Collision Warning system, which uses sensors to detect potential front-end collisions and alerts you to take necessary action. However, some drivers may not be aware of how to activate or adjust this feature according to their preference. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to turn on Forward Collision Warning in your Jeep Compass.

Step 1: Accessing Vehicle Settings

The first step is to locate the settings menu on your Jeep Compass’s infotainment system. You can typically access this by pressing the “Menu” button on the main screen. Once in the settings menu, look for an option that says “Safety and Driver Assistance” or something similar.

Step 2: Enabling Forward Collision Warning

Once you’ve found the safety and driver assistance menu, navigate to the Forward Collision Warning option. Here, you should see a toggle switch that allows you to enable or disable the feature. Turn the toggle to the “on” position to activate the Forward Collision Warning system.

Step 3: Adjusting Warning Sensitivity

Some vehicles, including the Jeep Compass, allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the Forward Collision Warning system. This means you can customize how early or late you receive the warning alerts. In the same menu, look for an option related to sensitivity or warning distance. Here, you can typically choose from multiple levels of sensitivity to suit your driving style and environment.

Step 4: Testing the System

After enabling the Forward Collision Warning system and adjusting the settings to your preference, it’s essential to test the feature to ensure it functions as expected. Take your Jeep Compass for a drive and pay attention to the warning alerts under various driving conditions. Make adjustments to the sensitivity if needed until you are comfortable with the system’s performance.

Additional Tips for Using Forward Collision Warning

While the Forward Collision Warning system can greatly enhance your safety on the road, it’s crucial to remember that it’s not a substitute for attentive driving. Always maintain focus on the road ahead and drive responsibly. Additionally, keep the sensors and cameras used by the system clean from dirt and debris to ensure accurate performance.


By following the steps outlined above, you can easily turn on Forward Collision Warning in your Jeep Compass and customize it to suit your preferences. This feature can provide an added layer of safety and peace of mind during your drives, making it a valuable asset for any Compass owner.

Remember, familiarizing yourself with your vehicle’s safety features and regularly maintaining them can contribute to a safer driving experience for you and your passengers.

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