What Engine Does Ferrari F1 Use

What Engine Does Ferrari F1 Use?

Ferrari is a name known worldwide in racing. Their cars are fast and powerful. But what engine does Ferrari F1 use? Let’s find out.

The Heart of Ferrari F1 Cars

Ferrari F1 cars use very special engines. These engines are called power units. They are designed for speed and performance.

History Of Ferrari F1 Engines

Ferrari has a long history in Formula 1 racing. They have been making engines since 1950. Over the years, their engines have changed a lot.

Early Engines

In the beginning, Ferrari used V12 engines. These engines were very powerful. They helped Ferrari win many races.

Turbo Era

In the 1980s, Ferrari started using turbo engines. These engines had a lot of power. But they were also very complex.

Modern Engines

Today, Ferrari uses hybrid engines. These engines are very advanced. They use both fuel and electricity.

What Engine Does Ferrari F1 Use

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What Engine Does Ferrari F1 Use

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Ferrari F1 Engine Specifications

Modern Ferrari F1 engines have many parts. Here are some important specifications:

Specification Details
Type V6 Turbo Hybrid
Displacement 1.6 Liters
RPM 15,000 RPM
Power Over 900 Horsepower
ERS Energy Recovery System

V6 Turbo Hybrid Engine

Ferrari’s current engine is a V6 Turbo Hybrid. This engine has six cylinders. It also has a turbocharger. The turbocharger helps the engine go faster.

1.6 Liter Displacement

The engine has a displacement of 1.6 liters. This means the engine’s cylinders can hold 1.6 liters of fuel and air.

15,000 Rpm

The engine can spin at 15,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). This is very fast. It helps the car go very quickly.

Over 900 Horsepower

The engine produces over 900 horsepower. This is a lot of power. It helps the car reach very high speeds.

Energy Recovery System (ers)

The engine also has an Energy Recovery System (ERS). This system captures energy when the car brakes. It then uses this energy to help the car go faster.

Why Are These Engines Special?

Ferrari F1 engines are special for many reasons. They are very powerful and very efficient. They also use advanced technology.

Power And Speed

Ferrari F1 engines have a lot of power. This helps the car go very fast. Speed is important in Formula 1 racing.


The engines are also very efficient. They use fuel and electricity to power the car. This helps the car go farther on less fuel.

Advanced Technology

The engines use advanced technology. The Energy Recovery System is one example. This technology helps the car go faster and be more efficient.


Ferrari F1 cars use very special engines. These engines are powerful and efficient. They use advanced technology to help the car go fast. This is why Ferrari is a leader in Formula 1 racing.

Key Points

  • Ferrari F1 cars use V6 Turbo Hybrid engines.
  • The engines have a displacement of 1.6 liters.
  • The engines can spin at 15,000 RPM.
  • The engines produce over 900 horsepower.
  • The engines have an Energy Recovery System (ERS).

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