What Wheels Interchange With Jeep Grand Cherokee : Ultimate Guide for Replacing Your Jeep’s Wheels

When it comes to upgrading or replacing the wheels on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s important to know which wheels are compatible and interchangeable. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle or improve its performance, selecting the right set of wheels is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore the various wheel options that interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, providing you with a comprehensive guide to making an informed decision.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheel Specifications

Before delving into the interchangeability of wheels, it’s essential to understand the specific wheel specifications for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep Grand Cherokee typically features wheel sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches, with various bolt patterns, offsets, and backspacing measurements. These specifications play a pivotal role in determining which wheels are compatible with the vehicle.

Wheel Size Bolt Pattern Offset Backspacing
17 inches 5×127 mm 44-56 mm 6.26 inches
18 inches 5×127 mm 34-56 mm 6.26-6.97 inches
20 inches 5×127 mm 34-56 mm 6.26-6.97 inches

Interchangeable Wheels for Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee shares its wheel specifications with several other vehicles, allowing for interchangeability among certain models. Some of the compatible wheels that interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee include:

  • Jeep Wrangler: Certain models of the Jeep Wrangler feature wheels that are compatible with the Grand Cherokee, given their similar bolt patterns and sizes. This interchangeability provides Jeep enthusiasts with a wider range of wheel options to choose from.
  • Dodge Durango: The Dodge Durango, being a sibling model under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles umbrella, utilizes wheels that can interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This interchangeability opens up opportunities for upgrading or customizing the vehicle’s appearance.
  • Chrysler 300: The Chrysler 300 also shares the same bolt pattern and similar wheel sizes with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, making its wheels interchangeable with the vehicle. This interchangeability offers owners of the Grand Cherokee additional choices for aftermarket wheels.

Aftermarket Wheel Options

In addition to the interchangeable factory wheels from other vehicles, there is a vast selection of aftermarket wheels available for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. These aftermarket wheels come in a wide array of sizes, styles, finishes, and configurations, allowing for personalized customization and performance enhancement.

When exploring aftermarket wheel options, it’s crucial to consider the following factors to ensure compatibility:

  • Bolt Pattern: Ensure that the aftermarket wheels have the correct bolt pattern (5×127 mm for the Jeep Grand Cherokee) to facilitate proper mounting.
  • Offset and Backspacing: Match the offset and backspacing of the aftermarket wheels to the vehicle’s specifications to maintain proper clearance and fitment.
  • Hub Bore Size: Verify that the hub bore size of the aftermarket wheels matches the Grand Cherokee’s hub diameter for secure mounting without vibrations.
  • Load Rating: Select aftermarket wheels with a load rating suitable for the weight of the Jeep Grand Cherokee to ensure durability and safety.


Understanding the interchangeability of wheels with the Jeep Grand Cherokee provides valuable insights for owners seeking to upgrade or replace their vehicle’s wheels. Whether considering factory wheels from compatible models or exploring the expansive range of aftermarket options, it’s essential to prioritize compatibility with the Grand Cherokee’s specific wheel specifications. By doing so, you can elevate the aesthetic appeal and performance capabilities of your Jeep Grand Cherokee while ensuring a seamless and safe fit.

As always, consult with professionals or refer to manufacturer guidelines when selecting and installing new wheels to guarantee the best possible outcome for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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