Does Bentley Require Sat

Does Bentley Require SAT?

Bentley University is a private university in Waltham, Massachusetts. Many students wonder if they need SAT scores to apply. This article will help you understand Bentley’s requirements and alternatives.

Understanding Bentley University

Bentley University specializes in business education. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The school is known for its strong business curriculum. Students often seek admission to advance their careers.

SAT Requirement at Bentley

Many universities require SAT scores. But does Bentley? The simple answer is no. Bentley University is test-optional. This means students do not need to submit SAT scores. However, they can submit them if they choose.

Does Bentley Require Sat


What Does Test-Optional Mean?

Test-optional means students can decide to submit SAT scores. If they feel it will strengthen their application, they can include them. If not, they can leave them out. Bentley will not penalize students for not submitting SAT scores.

Does Bentley Require Sat


Why Bentley Adopted Test-Optional Policy

There are several reasons why Bentley adopted this policy:

  • Standardized tests may not reflect a student’s true abilities.
  • Some students have limited access to test prep resources.
  • Focusing on holistic review provides a fairer admission process.

What Bentley Considers Instead

Without SAT scores, what does Bentley look at? The university uses a holistic review process. This means they consider many factors. Here are some key factors:

  • High School Transcript: Bentley looks at grades and course rigor.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Teachers and counselors can highlight strengths.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Involvement shows skills and interests.
  • Personal Essay: This is a chance to tell your story.
  • Interviews: These can add a personal touch to your application.

Submitting SAT Scores

If you choose to submit SAT scores, Bentley will consider them. Strong scores can support your application. But remember, they are not required. If you think your scores reflect your abilities, submit them. If not, focus on other parts of your application.

How to Decide Whether to Submit SAT Scores

Deciding whether to submit SAT scores can be tough. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Compare your scores to Bentley’s average SAT scores.
  • Consider how your scores compare to your GPA and class rank.
  • Think about how much time and effort you put into preparing for the SAT.
  • Ask teachers or counselors for advice.

Bentley’s Average SAT Scores

Knowing the average SAT scores can help. Here are the averages for admitted students:

Section Average Score
Math 650
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 620

If your scores are close to or above these averages, consider submitting them. If they are much lower, you might choose not to.

Alternatives to SAT Scores

If you do not submit SAT scores, focus on other parts of your application. Here are some tips:

  • Take challenging courses and get good grades.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Build strong relationships with teachers for good recommendations.
  • Write a compelling personal essay.
  • Prepare well for interviews if offered.

Benefits of a Test-Optional Policy

Bentley’s test-optional policy has benefits:

  • Reduces stress for students.
  • Creates a fairer admission process.
  • Encourages a focus on holistic review.


Bentley University does not require SAT scores. The test-optional policy allows students to choose. Focus on your strengths and submit a strong application. Whether you submit SAT scores or not, you can still have a great chance of admission.

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