Does Ferrari Have a F2 Team

Does Ferrari Have a F2 Team?

Ferrari is known for its Formula 1 (F1) team. But, does Ferrari have a Formula 2 (F2) team too? Let’s explore this topic in detail.

What is Formula 2?

Formula 2 (F2) is a racing series. It is one step below Formula 1 (F1). F2 is a platform for young drivers. It helps them prove their skills. Many F2 drivers aim to reach F1.

Does Ferrari Have a F2 Team


Ferrari and Its Racing Heritage

Ferrari has a rich history in motorsport. They are famous for their F1 team. They have won many championships. Ferrari has been in F1 since the beginning.

Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA)

Ferrari does not have an F2 team. But, they have the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA). The FDA trains young drivers. These drivers can then join F2 teams. The goal is to help them reach F1.

What Is The Ferrari Driver Academy?

The Ferrari Driver Academy started in 2009. It aims to find and train young talent. The program helps drivers with their skills. The FDA supports them in their racing careers.

Famous Fda Graduates

  • Charles Leclerc: He graduated from the FDA. Now, he races for Ferrari in F1.
  • Mick Schumacher: He is Michael Schumacher’s son. Mick went through the FDA. He now races in F1.
  • Antonio Giovinazzi: He also graduated from the FDA. He raced in F1 for Alfa Romeo.

Partnerships with F2 Teams

Ferrari works with various F2 teams. They do not own these teams. But, they place their academy drivers in them. This helps the drivers gain experience.

Prema Racing

Prema Racing is a top F2 team. They have a strong partnership with Ferrari. Many FDA drivers race for Prema. Charles Leclerc and Mick Schumacher raced for Prema in F2.

Other F2 Teams

  • ART Grand Prix: Another team where FDA drivers race.
  • Carlin: Ferrari has placed drivers here too.

Why Does Ferrari Not Have a F2 Team?

Managing an F2 team is costly. Ferrari prefers to focus on F1. They partner with existing F2 teams instead. This way, they still support young drivers. But, they do not bear the full cost.

Benefits of the Ferrari Driver Academy

The FDA provides many benefits to young drivers. It helps them improve their skills. They get to learn from the best. Ferrari’s resources are at their disposal.

Training And Development

FDA drivers get top-notch training. They learn how to handle race cars. They also learn about fitness and nutrition. The program covers all aspects of racing.

Financial Support

Racing is expensive. The FDA helps with costs. This includes travel, equipment, and more. Drivers can focus on racing, not money worries.

Exposure And Opportunities

FDA drivers get noticed. They race in top series. They meet important people in motorsport. This opens doors for their careers.


Ferrari does not have an F2 team. But, they are deeply involved in F2. The Ferrari Driver Academy is key. It helps young drivers reach their potential. Through partnerships, Ferrari supports their journey to F1.

Does Ferrari Have a F2 Team



Question Answer
Does Ferrari have an F2 team? No, Ferrari does not have its own F2 team.
What is the Ferrari Driver Academy? It is a program to train young drivers.
Which F2 teams does Ferrari work with? Ferrari works with teams like Prema Racing.
Who are famous FDA graduates? Charles Leclerc and Mick Schumacher.

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