Does Ferrari Make Boats

Does Ferrari Make Boats? | Exploring Ferrari’s Venture into Yachts

When people think of Ferrari, they think of fast cars. But, does Ferrari make boats? This is a fascinating question that many people wonder about.

Ferrari and Its Legendary Cars

Ferrari is famous for its high-speed and stylish cars. The brand has a rich history and is known worldwide.

  • Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939.
  • Known for iconic models like the Ferrari 488 and Ferrari LaFerrari.
  • Participates in Formula 1 racing.

But, beyond cars, Ferrari has ventured into other areas too.

Does Ferrari Make Boats


Does Ferrari Make Boats


Ferrari’s Collaboration with Riva

Ferrari does not make boats on its own. However, it has teamed up with Riva, a famous boat maker.

Riva is known for its luxury yachts and speedboats. This collaboration brings the best of both worlds.

Riva boats are stylish, fast, and luxurious. They match Ferrari’s brand perfectly.

Riva Ferrari 32

One of the most famous boats from this collaboration is the Riva Ferrari 32.

Feature Details
Length 32 feet
Top Speed 54 knots
Engine 2 x 390 HP V8 engines

This boat is a perfect blend of speed and elegance. It has the Ferrari red color and sleek design.

Features Of Riva Ferrari 32

The Riva Ferrari 32 is packed with unique features.

  • High-performance engines for speed.
  • Luxurious interiors with comfortable seating.
  • Advanced navigation system.
  • Stylish design inspired by Ferrari cars.

These features make it a dream boat for many.

Other Ferrari-Inspired Boats

Aside from the Riva Ferrari 32, there are other boats inspired by Ferrari.

These boats are not made by Ferrari but have design elements from Ferrari cars.

Ferrari Hydroplane

One example is the Ferrari Hydroplane.

This boat was built in the 1950s and is very rare.

Feature Details
Length 24 feet
Top Speed 150 mph
Engine Ferrari 375 F1 engine

The Ferrari Hydroplane holds a special place in history. It was designed to break speed records on water.

Why Ferrari Boats Are Special

Ferrari boats are special for many reasons.

  • They combine speed and luxury.
  • They have unique designs inspired by Ferrari cars.
  • They offer a high-performance experience on water.

These boats are a symbol of elegance and sophistication.


So, does Ferrari make boats? The answer is not directly.

Ferrari collaborates with Riva to create stunning yachts. These boats have the essence of Ferrari cars.

They are fast, luxurious, and stylish. If you love Ferrari cars, you will love these boats too.

Explore the world of Ferrari-inspired boats and experience the thrill on water.


1. Does Ferrari Make Boats?

Ferrari does not make boats directly. They collaborate with Riva to create luxury yachts.

2. What Is The Riva Ferrari 32?

The Riva Ferrari 32 is a luxury boat made in collaboration between Ferrari and Riva.

3. Are There Other Ferrari-inspired Boats?

Yes, there are other boats inspired by Ferrari, like the Ferrari Hydroplane.

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