Does Subaru Crosstrek Have Blind Spot Monitoring: A Complete Guide

If you’re in the market for a new car, you may be considering the Subaru Crosstrek. One of the important safety features that many drivers look for in a vehicle is blind spot monitoring. This technology can help prevent accidents by alerting the driver to vehicles or other objects in their blind spots. So, the question is, does the Subaru Crosstrek have blind spot monitoring?

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Subaru Crosstrek Blind Spot Monitoring

As of the 2021 model year, the Subaru Crosstrek does offer blind spot monitoring as part of the available EyeSight Driver Assist Technology package. This advanced safety suite includes a range of features designed to enhance safety and make driving a Subaru Crosstrek more enjoyable.

With the blind spot monitoring feature, the Crosstrek uses sensors to monitor the areas alongside and behind the vehicle, and it alerts the driver if a vehicle is detected in the blind spot. This can help the driver make safer lane changes and reduces the risk of a collision with a vehicle that may be lurking in a blind spot.

Benefits of Blind Spot Monitoring

Having blind spot monitoring in your Subaru Crosstrek can provide several benefits for your driving experience and overall safety. Here are some of the advantages of this feature:

  • Enhanced Safety: By alerting the driver to vehicles in their blind spots, blind spot monitoring can help prevent accidents and improve overall safety on the road.
  • Confidence in Lane Changes: Drivers can feel more confident when changing lanes, knowing that they will be alerted to any potential hazards in their blind spots.
  • Reduced Stress: With blind spot monitoring, drivers can have peace of mind knowing that they have an extra set of eyes watching out for potential dangers.

These benefits make blind spot monitoring a valuable feature for any vehicle, including the Subaru Crosstrek.

Other Safety Features in the Subaru Crosstrek

In addition to blind spot monitoring, the Subaru Crosstrek offers a range of other safety features to provide added protection for drivers and passengers. Some of these features include:

Safety Feature Description
Pre-Collision Braking Helps prevent or reduce the severity of frontal collisions by applying full braking force in emergency situations.
Adaptive Cruise Control Automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe following distance from the car ahead.
Lane Departure and Sway Warning Provides a warning if the vehicle begins to sway outside its lane without signaling.

These and other safety features combine to make the Subaru Crosstrek a top choice for drivers who prioritize safety in their vehicle selection.

Frequently Asked Questions For Does Subaru Crosstrek Have Blind Spot Monitoring: A Complete Guide

Does The Subaru Crosstrek Come With Blind Spot Monitoring?

Yes, the Subaru Crosstrek is available with blind spot monitoring as a standard feature.

How Does Blind Spot Monitoring In Subaru Crosstrek Work?

The blind spot monitoring system in the Subaru Crosstrek uses sensors to monitor adjacent lanes, alerting the driver to any vehicles present in their blind spots.

Can Blind Spot Monitoring Be Added To Older Crosstrek Models?

Yes, blind spot monitoring can be added to older Crosstrek models as an optional upgrade through a dealership or authorized service center.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Blind Spot Monitoring In A Vehicle?

Having blind spot monitoring in a vehicle helps to improve safety by providing additional awareness of surrounding traffic, reducing the risk of accidents when changing lanes.


In summary, the Subaru Crosstrek does offer blind spot monitoring as part of the available EyeSight Driver Assist Technology package. This feature, along with other advanced safety technologies, can provide drivers with peace of mind and help prevent accidents on the road. If you’re considering a Subaru Crosstrek, the inclusion of blind spot monitoring is a compelling reason to choose this vehicle for its safety features and overall driving experience.

When it comes to safety, having the right features can make all the difference, and the Subaru Crosstrek’s blind spot monitoring is a prime example of how advanced technology is enhancing the safety of modern vehicles.

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