How Did Lamont Bentley Die

How Did Lamont Bentley Die | Life, Career, and Untimely Death

Lamont Bentley was a talented actor who touched many hearts. He is best known for his role as Hakeem Campbell in the TV show “Moesha.” This article explores his life, career, and untimely death.

How Did Lamont Bentley Die


Early Life and Career

Lamont Bentley was born on October 25, 1973, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He moved to Los Angeles with his mother, Loyce Bentley, to pursue an acting career. Lamont began acting in commercials and small TV roles.

Breakthrough Role

Lamont’s big break came in 1996. He landed the role of Hakeem Campbell in “Moesha.” The show was a huge success. It ran for six seasons. Lamont’s character was a fan favorite.

Other Notable Roles

Besides “Moesha,” Lamont appeared in other TV shows and movies. These include:

  • “The Parkers”
  • “South Central”
  • “Tales from the Hood”
  • “The Wash”

Lamont Bentley’s Death

Lamont Bentley died in a tragic car accident. The accident happened on January 19, 2005. He was only 31 years old.

Details Of The Accident

Lamont was driving on the 118 Freeway in California. His car went off the road. It rolled down an embankment. Lamont was ejected from the car. He died on the scene.

Cause of the Accident

The exact cause of the accident is unknown. Some reports suggest that Lamont was speeding. However, no official cause was determined.

Impact of Lamont Bentley’s Death

Lamont Bentley’s death shocked many fans. He was a beloved actor with a promising career. His sudden death left a void in the entertainment industry.

Tributes And Memorials

Many people paid tribute to Lamont after his death. His co-stars from “Moesha” shared their grief. Fans also expressed their sorrow on social media.


Lamont Bentley’s legacy lives on through his work. His performances continue to entertain and inspire. He is remembered for his talent, kindness, and positive impact.

How Did Lamont Bentley Die



Lamont Bentley was a gifted actor taken too soon. His life and career were full of promise. Though he is gone, his memory lives on. We remember him for his contributions to entertainment and the joy he brought to many.


Question Answer
What was Lamont Bentley’s most famous role? Hakeem Campbell in “Moesha.”
How did Lamont Bentley die? In a car accident on January 19, 2005.
How old was Lamont Bentley when he died? 31 years old.
What other shows did Lamont Bentley appear in? “The Parkers,” “South Central,” and others.

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