How Heavy are Jeep Doors : Unveiling the Weighty Truth

Jeep doors are an iconic feature of the vehicle, providing security and protection to the passengers while off-roading or cruising on the open road. Many Jeep owners love the feeling of driving without doors, but there are times when having them on is essential for safety and comfort. One common question that often arises among Jeep enthusiasts is: How heavy are Jeep doors?

The Weight of Different Types of Jeep Doors

The weight of Jeep doors can vary depending on the type and model of the vehicle. There are several types of doors that are commonly used on Jeeps, each with its own unique weight characteristics:

Type of Door Weight
Full Steel Doors Average weight of 50-60 pounds per door
Half Steel Doors Average weight of 40-50 pounds per door
Tube Doors Average weight of 20-30 pounds per set (for both doors)
Half Doors Average weight of 30-40 pounds per set (for both doors)
Fabric Doors Average weight of 10-20 pounds per set (for both doors)

As seen in the table above, the weight of Jeep doors varies significantly depending on the material and type of door. This information is crucial for Jeep owners who are considering removing or installing different types of doors on their vehicles.

Factors Affecting Door Weight

Several factors contribute to the weight of Jeep doors:

  • Material: Steel doors are heavier compared to fabric or tube doors due to the density of the material.
  • Size and Design: Full-sized doors are heavier than half-sized or tube doors due to their larger surface area and additional features such as power windows and locks.
  • Accessories: The weight of doors may also be affected by additional accessories such as mirrors, panels, and armrests.

It’s important for Jeep owners to consider these factors when selecting doors for their vehicles, especially if they plan on frequently removing and re-installing them for different driving conditions.

Importance of Knowing Door Weight

Understanding the weight of Jeep doors is essential for several reasons:

  • Handling and Installation: Knowing the weight of the doors helps owners determine how easy or difficult it is to handle and install them.
  • Storage and Transportation: When removing the doors, owners need to consider the weight for storage and transportation purposes, especially if they plan on re-installing them later.
  • Vehicle Performance: The weight of the doors can affect the overall performance and fuel efficiency of the vehicle, especially in off-road and rugged terrain conditions.

With this information, Jeep owners can make informed decisions about which type of doors best suits their driving needs and preferences.


Jeep doors come in various types and weights, each serving different purposes and functionalities. Understanding the weight of Jeep doors is crucial for Jeep owners, as it impacts the handling, storage, and overall performance of the vehicle. By being aware of the weight characteristics of different door types, Jeep enthusiasts can make informed decisions when customizing their vehicles for various driving conditions.

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