How Much is an Oil Change at Acura Dealer? Expert Guide: Pricing & Savings

Regular maintenance is paramount to keep your Acura vehicle running smoothly and at optimal performance. One of the important aspects of vehicle maintenance is getting regular oil changes. Oil change services help to keep your engine clean and lubricated, preserving its longevity and ensuring it runs efficiently.

When it comes to Acura vehicles, it is often recommended to get oil changes done at authorized Acura dealerships, as they are equipped with the necessary expertise, genuine Acura parts, and specialized equipment to maintain the high-quality performance standards of your vehicle.

The Factors Affecting Oil Change Costs

The cost of an oil change at an Acura dealer can vary based on several factors:

  1. Oil Type: Acura vehicles typically require synthetic oil, which is more expensive than conventional oil. Synthetic oil provides enhanced protection and performance for your engine, but it does come at a higher cost.
  2. Oil Filter: The oil filter plays a crucial role in ensuring the oil remains clean and free from contaminants. Genuine Acura oil filters may cost slightly more than aftermarket options.
  3. Location: The cost of living and operation expenses in different areas can affect the overall pricing at Acura dealerships. Dealerships located in urban areas may have higher labor rates compared to those in suburban areas.
  4. Additional Services: During the oil change service, dealerships may perform additional inspections and maintenance tasks, such as tire rotations, fluid top-ups, or multi-point inspections. These additional services can impact the overall cost.
  5. Dealer Pricing: Each Acura dealership has its own pricing structure, influenced by factors such as competition, location, and market demand. Therefore, the pricing may vary slightly from one dealership to another.

Approximate Cost of Acura Oil Change

While the exact costs may vary, the average price range of an oil change at an Acura dealership falls between $75 to $125. This price generally includes the cost of synthetic oil, genuine Acura oil filter, labor charges, and a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle.

It is important to note that the cost mentioned above is an estimate and may vary based on the factors mentioned earlier. Additionally, prices at dealerships can change over time due to market fluctuations, so it is recommended to contact your local Acura dealership for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Benefits of Getting an Oil Change at an Acura Dealer

Choosing an Acura dealer for your oil change service offers several benefits:

  • Expert Service: Acura dealerships have certified technicians with specialized training and knowledge of Acura vehicles. They have access to the latest service bulletins and technical updates, ensuring that your oil change is done correctly and efficiently.
  • Genuine Acura Parts: Acura dealerships use genuine Acura parts, including oil filters specifically designed for your vehicle model. These parts are made to meet the highest quality standards and ensure optimal performance.
  • Warranty Coverage: If your Acura vehicle is still under warranty, getting your oil change done at an authorized dealership helps maintain your warranty coverage. It ensures that the prescribed maintenance is performed using genuine parts, and any potential warranty claims remain valid.
  • Comprehensive Inspections: Acura dealerships often provide complimentary multi-point inspections during an oil change service. This allows them to identify any potential issues and address them before they become major problems, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Peace of Mind: By choosing an Acura dealer for your oil change, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of professionals who understand your vehicle’s specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Much Is An Oil Change At Acura Dealer? Expert Guide: Pricing & Savings

How Much Does An Oil Change At An Acura Dealer Cost?

The cost of an oil change at an Acura dealer can vary depending on the location and specific model of your vehicle. However, on average, you can expect to pay around $50 to $100 for a standard oil change.

What Type Of Oil Is Used During An Acura Oil Change?

During an Acura oil change, the dealer typically uses synthetic oil, which is specifically recommended for Acura vehicles. Synthetic oil offers better performance and longevity compared to conventional oil, ensuring optimal engine protection.

How Often Should I Get An Oil Change For My Acura?

It is generally recommended to get an oil change for your Acura vehicle every 5,000 to 7,500 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first. Regular oil changes are crucial for maintaining engine health and ensuring optimal performance.

Can I Change The Oil In My Acura Myself?

While it is possible to change the oil in your Acura yourself, it is always recommended to have it done by a certified Acura dealer. Their technicians have the expertise and knowledge to correctly perform the oil change, ensuring that no damage is done to your vehicle.


Getting an oil change at an Acura dealer ensures that your vehicle receives top-notch service, uses genuine Acura parts, and helps maintain warranty coverage. Although the cost may vary, the average price range for an Acura oil change falls between $75 to $125. Contact your local Acura dealership for the most accurate pricing information and to schedule your next oil change service.

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