How to Connect to Gmc Kicker Tailgate: Easy Steps for Seamless Integration

GMC trucks are known for their powerful performance and rugged design. Whether you use your GMC truck for work or play, having a high-quality sound system can enhance your driving experience. One of the popular sound systems available for GMC trucks is the Kicker Tailgate Sound System. In this guide, we will show you how to connect and make the most out of your GMC Kicker Tailgate Sound System.

Understanding the GMC Kicker Tailgate Sound System

The GMC Kicker Tailgate Sound System is a premium audio upgrade designed specifically for GMC trucks. It is a high-fidelity audio system that delivers immersive sound quality, whether you’re tailgating at a game or enjoying a road trip with friends and family.

The Kicker Tailgate Sound System includes subwoofers, amplifiers, and speakers strategically placed within the truck bed, providing a surround sound experience that will take your tailgating or outdoor adventures to the next level.

Connecting to the GMC Kicker Tailgate Sound System

Here are the steps to connect to your GMC Kicker Tailgate Sound System:

Step 1: Powering On The Sound System

Before you can start enjoying the Kicker Tailgate Sound System, you need to power it on. Locate the power button on the system’s control panel or remote, and press it to turn the system on.

Step 2: Pairing Your Device

The Kicker Tailgate Sound System is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly pair your smartphone or tablet to stream music or other audio content. To pair your device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.
  2. Enable the Bluetooth function.
  3. Select the Kicker Tailgate Sound System from the list of available devices.
  4. Once connected, you will hear a confirmation sound, indicating that your device is now paired with the sound system.

Step 3: Connecting Via Auxiliary Input

If your mobile device does not support Bluetooth, or if you prefer a wired connection, the Kicker Tailgate Sound System also features an auxiliary input. Here’s how to connect using the auxiliary input:

  1. Locate the auxiliary input port on the sound system’s control panel.
  2. Using a 3.5mm audio cable, connect one end to the headphone jack of your device and the other end to the auxiliary input port.
  3. Once connected, select the auxiliary input mode on the sound system, and you’re ready to enjoy your favorite music.

Optimizing Your Sound Experience

Now that you’ve connected to the GMC Kicker Tailgate Sound System, here are some tips to optimize your sound experience:

Positioning The Truck

When using the Kicker Tailgate Sound System for outdoor events, such as tailgating or camping, consider the positioning of your GMC truck. Park the truck in a central location where the sound can propagate effectively, providing an immersive experience for everyone around.

Adjusting Sound Settings

Experiment with the sound settings on the Kicker Tailgate Sound System to find the perfect balance for your preferences. Most systems have controls for bass, treble, and overall volume, allowing you to customize the sound to your liking.

Exploring Audio Sources

Besides streaming music from your mobile device, consider exploring other audio sources, such as radio, USB drives, or even external music players. The Kicker Tailgate Sound System offers versatility in accessing various audio content, so take advantage of these options.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Connect To Gmc Kicker Tailgate: Easy Steps For Seamless Integration

How Can I Connect To Gmc Kicker Tailgate?

To connect to Gmc Kicker Tailgate, use the provided instructions in the user manual.

What Are The Compatibility Requirements For Gmc Kicker Tailgate?

Gmc Kicker Tailgate is compatible with most GMC vehicles with a compatible receiver.

Can I Use Multiple Devices With Gmc Kicker Tailgate?

Yes, you can connect multiple devices to Gmc Kicker Tailgate within the specified range.

Is There A Mobile App For Gmc Kicker Tailgate Connectivity?

Yes, there is a dedicated mobile app available for seamless connectivity with Gmc Kicker Tailgate.


The GMC Kicker Tailgate Sound System is a fantastic addition to any GMC truck, delivering exceptional audio quality for your outdoor adventures. By following the steps outlined in this guide and optimizing your sound experience, you can make the most out of this premium sound system, enhancing your enjoyment of your GMC truck.

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