How to Disable Air Suspension on Jeep Grand Cherokee : Step-by-Step Guide

If you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee with air suspension and are looking to disable it due to maintenance issues or to switch to a different suspension system, you’re in the right place. The air suspension system on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for its comfort and off-road capability, but it can be expensive to maintain and repair. Fortunately, disabling the air suspension is a relatively straightforward process that can save you time and money in the long run.

Reasons to Disable Air Suspension

Before we dive into the process of disabling the air suspension on a Jeep Grand Cherokee, let’s take a look at some of the common reasons why Jeep owners choose to do so:

  • Cost of Repairs: The air suspension system can be costly to repair, and over time, the maintenance expenses can add up.
  • Off-Road Modifications: Some Jeep owners prefer to install a different suspension system to enhance off-road performance.
  • Simplicity: Converting to a traditional coil spring suspension can simplify the vehicle’s maintenance and repair process.

Steps to Disable Air Suspension on Jeep Grand Cherokee

Now, let’s walk through the steps to disable the air suspension on your Jeep Grand Cherokee:

Step 1: Lift The Vehicle

Start by lifting the vehicle using an appropriate jack and supporting it with jack stands to ensure a safe working environment.

Step 2: Disconnect The Air Suspension System

Locate the air suspension system components, including the air struts/shocks, air compressor, and air lines. Disconnect the electrical connectors and air lines from the system.

Step 3: Remove Air Suspension Components

Remove the air struts/shocks and air compressor from the vehicle. Depending on your preference, you can either replace them with traditional coil springs and shocks or leave the system as is for a lifted static suspension.

Step 4: Disable Warning Lights

If the air suspension warning lights appear on the dashboard after the system has been disabled, you may need to address this using a diagnostic tool or by consulting with a professional mechanic.

Considerations and Precautions

It’s important to consider the following points when disabling the air suspension on your Jeep Grand Cherokee:

  • Legal Implications: Before making any modifications, be sure to research and understand the legal implications of disabling the air suspension in your region.
  • Aftermarket Options: Explore aftermarket suspension kits and components to ensure a smooth transition from air suspension to a traditional suspension system.
  • Professional Assistance: If you’re not confident in your mechanical abilities, consider seeking help from a qualified automotive technician to perform the suspension modification.


Disabling the air suspension on a Jeep Grand Cherokee can be a practical solution for those seeking to reduce maintenance costs, customize their vehicle for off-road adventures, or simplify the suspension system. By following the steps outlined in this guide and considering the necessary precautions, you can successfully disable the air suspension and achieve the desired ride characteristics for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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