How to Disable Subaru Eyesight: Complete Guide

Subaru Eyesight is an advanced driver-assist system that uses cutting-edge technology to enhance safety on the road. It includes features such as adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, lane departure and sway warning, and lane keep assist. While Eyesight is designed to provide added peace of mind for drivers, there may be certain situations where you might want to temporarily disable or turn off the system.

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Reasons for Disabling Subaru Eyesight

Before we delve into the steps to disable Subaru Eyesight, it’s important to understand the reasons why you might want to do so. Some common scenarios where disabling Eyesight could be necessary include:

  • Driving in heavy snow, rain, or fog: The sensors of the Eyesight system may get obstructed or affected by extreme weather conditions, leading to false alerts or unintended system interventions.
  • Towing a trailer or carrying a bike rack: The system may not be optimized for these scenarios, and disabling it can prevent any interference with your driving experience.
  • Off-road driving: When tackling challenging off-road terrain, you may need full control over your vehicle without any electronic assistance.
  • Vehicle maintenance or repairs: In some cases, disabling Eyesight may be required when working on certain parts of the vehicle to prevent any sensor interference.

How to Disable Subaru Eyesight

Now that we’ve outlined some situations where disabling Eyesight might be necessary, let’s explore the steps to effectively turn off the system. Please note that these instructions are general guidelines, and it’s essential to refer to your vehicle’s specific owner’s manual for detailed information.

Step 1: Park Your Vehicle

Find a safe and suitable location to park your Subaru vehicle. Ensure that the engine is turned off, and the transmission is in the park (P) position.

Step 2: Locate The Eyesight Disable Switch

Depending on the model year of your Subaru, the location of the Eyesight disable switch may vary. In most cases, you can find the switch on the lower-left side of the dashboard, near the steering column. Refer to your owner’s manual for the precise location of the switch in your vehicle.

Step 3: Press And Hold The Disable Switch

Once you’ve located the Eyesight disable switch, press and hold it for a few seconds. This action will deactivate the Eyesight system, and you may see a notification or indicator on the instrument panel confirming that the system has been turned off.

Step 4: Confirm System Status

After disabling Eyesight, it’s essential to verify that the system is indeed turned off. Check the instrument panel and look for any relevant indicators or messages that indicate the status of the Eyesight system.

Step 5: Re-enable Eyesight When Needed

Once you’ve completed your driving scenario that required Eyesight to be disabled, you can easily re-enable the system by pressing the Eyesight disable switch again. This will activate the Eyesight features and ensure that you benefit from its safety-enhancing capabilities during regular driving conditions.

Consult Your Owner’s Manual

While the aforementioned steps provide a general overview of disabling Subaru Eyesight, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of consulting your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific instructions and precautions. The manual will offer detailed insights into the operation, limitations, and disabling procedures related to the Eyesight system in your Subaru model.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Disable Subaru Eyesight: Complete Guide

How Do You Disable Subaru Eyesight?

To disable Subaru Eyesight, press and hold the EyeSight OFF button for 2 seconds while the vehicle is stopped.

Can You Turn Off Subaru Eyesight Temporarily?

Yes, Subaru Eyesight can be turned off temporarily by pressing and holding the EyeSight OFF button for 2 seconds.

Is It Safe To Disable Subaru Eyesight?

It is generally safe to disable Subaru Eyesight if the driver feels the need, but it’s recommended to use it for added safety.

What Are The Benefits Of Disabling Subaru Eyesight?

Disabling Subaru Eyesight may provide the driver with more direct control in specific driving situations, like off-road driving or towing.


Subaru Eyesight is a valuable safety feature that can significantly enhance your driving experience. However, there are valid reasons for temporarily disabling the system in certain driving scenarios. By following the outlined steps and referring to your owner’s manual, you can confidently and effectively disable Subaru Eyesight when needed, ensuring that you have full control over your vehicle while prioritizing safety on the road.

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