How to Jack Up a Lifted Jeep: Expert Tips for Safe Lifting

Whether you’re off-roading or doing maintenance on your lifted Jeep, knowing how to properly jack it up is essential. Jacking up a lifted Jeep requires a different approach than a non-lifted vehicle due to the increased ground clearance. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of safely and effectively jacking up your lifted Jeep.

1. Use the Right Tools and Equipment

Before you start, make sure you have the right tools and equipment on hand. You’ll need a high-quality, heavy-duty floor jack that’s capable of lifting your lifted Jeep. Additionally, it’s crucial to use jack stands to support the vehicle once it’s been lifted. Never rely solely on a jack to hold up your Jeep.

2. Choose the Right Jacking Points

Identifying the proper jacking points on a lifted Jeep is crucial for safety and avoiding damage to the vehicle. The most secure and stable jacking points are often the frame rails or the manufacturer-recommended lift points. Avoid jacking up the Jeep by its body or axle, as this can cause structural damage.

3. Lift the Vehicle

When lifting a lifted Jeep, it’s essential to take it slow and steady. Place the floor jack at the designated jacking point and carefully lift the vehicle. Make sure the jack is centered and stable before continuing to lift. Once the Jeep is off the ground, it’s time to place the jack stands under the vehicle at the appropriate support points.

4. Secure with Jack Stands

As mentioned earlier, never rely solely on the jack to support your lifted Jeep. Once the vehicle is lifted to the desired height, carefully position the jack stands under the vehicle’s frame or recommended lift points. Lower the Jeep onto the jack stands and give the vehicle a gentle shake to ensure it is securely supported before working underneath it.

5. Perform the Necessary Work

With your lifted Jeep securely supported by jack stands, you can now perform the necessary maintenance or modifications with confidence. Whether it’s changing a tire, inspecting the suspension components, or installing off-road accessories, having the Jeep properly lifted provides a safe and accessible workspace.

6. Lower the Vehicle

Once the work is complete, carefully raise the Jeep slightly with the floor jack to remove the jack stands. Then, slowly and steadily lower the vehicle back to the ground. Ensure that the vehicle is completely stable before fully removing the jack stands and lowering the lifted Jeep.

7. Safety Precautions

Always prioritize safety when jacking up a lifted Jeep. Double-check that the floor jack and jack stands are rated to support the weight of your vehicle and are on a solid, level surface. Additionally, never work underneath a vehicle supported only by a jack; always use jack stands for support.


Jacking up a lifted Jeep requires careful attention to detail and the use of proper tools and techniques. By following these steps and prioritizing safety, you can confidently and safely lift your lifted Jeep for maintenance or off-road adventures.

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