How to Open Mercedes Benz Trunk Without Key: Easy and Effective Methods

To open the trunk of a Mercedes Benz without a key, you can follow these steps. First, locate the manual trunk release lever, typically located near the driver’s seat or on the floor near the front door.

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Pull the lever to release the trunk latch and open the trunk. It’s important to note that this method may vary depending on the specific model and year of your Mercedes Benz vehicle. Therefore, it’s recommended to refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

Remember to always exercise caution and consult a professional if needed.

Method 1: Using A Slim Jim Or Coat Hanger Wire

Method 1: Using a Slim Jim or Coat Hanger Wire

Step 3: Bend the coat hanger wire or use a slim jim

Step 4: Insert the tool between the weatherstripping and the door frame

Step 6: Hook the tool onto the mechanism and pull upwards

Method 2: Using A Tennis Ball

If you find yourself locked out of your Mercedes Benz and don’t have the key, there are still ways toopen the trunk. One method is by using a tennis ball. To do this, you will need a tennis ball and a sharp object. Create a small hole in the tennis ball and align it with the keyhole on the trunk. Firmly press the tennis ball against the keyhole and apply pressure to create a vacuum effect. The pressure should unlock the trunk and allow you to gain access. This method can be effective in emergency situations, but it is important to consult a professional to properly unlock and gain access to your vehicle to avoid causing any damage.

Method 3: Contacting A Professional Locksmith

Step 1: Research reputable locksmiths in your area. Look for well-established and trusted locksmiths with positive customer reviews and a good reputation.

Step 2: Explain the situation and ask for their assistance. Contact the locksmith and clearly explain that you need help opening your Mercedes Benz trunk without a key.

Step 3: Provide information about your car and trunk model. Give the locksmith details about your car make, model, and year, as well as the specific type of trunk you have.

Step 4: Schedule an appointment or request emergency service. Arrange a suitable time for the locksmith to assist you. If you require immediate help, inquire about their emergency service availability.

Step 5: Be prepared to show proof of ownership. Some locksmiths may require proof that you are the owner of the vehicle before they proceed with unlocking the trunk.

Step 6: Follow any additional instructions given by the locksmith. The locksmith may provide specific steps or requirements for the trunk opening process. Follow their guidance accordingly.


To open your Mercedes Benz trunk without a key, you can try these practical methods that we discussed. Whether it’s using the emergency trunk release button, accessing the trunk through the rear seat, or seeking professional help, these solutions have proven effective for many Mercedes Benz owners.

Remember to use these methods responsibly and always prioritize your safety. With these tips in mind, you can continue to enjoy the convenience and functionality of your Mercedes Benz trunk, even without the key.

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