How to Program Kia Key Fob Push Start : Step-by-Step Guide

How to Program Kia Key Fob Push Start

Programming a Kia key fob for a push start vehicle can seem like a daunting task, but with the right instructions, it can be a relatively quick and simple process. Having a working key fob is essential for unlocking and starting your Kia vehicle, so it’s important to know how to program it.

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What is a Kia Key Fob Push Start?

A Kia key fob push start is a device that allows you to unlock and start your vehicle without physically inserting a key into the ignition. It works by sending a signal to the vehicle’s immobilizer system, allowing the engine to start when the fob is within a certain range.

Steps to Program a Kia Key Fob Push Start

Before you begin the programming process, it’s important to have all the necessary items ready. You will need the new key fob you want to program, as well as any existing key fobs that are already programmed to the vehicle.

Follow these steps to program your Kia key fob push start:

  1. Enter the vehicle with the new key fob and close all doors.
  2. Insert the existing key into the ignition and turn it to the “ON” position without starting the engine.
  3. Within 5 seconds, turn the ignition switch to the “OFF” position and remove the key.
  4. Then, within 30 seconds, press the “Lock” and “Unlock” buttons on the new key fob simultaneously for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Release the buttons and then press the “Lock” button on the new key fob within 5 seconds.
  6. If successful, the doors will lock and unlock to confirm the programming mode.
  7. Repeat the previous step for each additional key fob (up to 4 fobs total).
  8. When finished, turn the ignition to the “ON” position to exit the programming mode.

Testing the Programmed Key Fob

Once the key fob has been successfully programmed, it’s important to test it to ensure that it is working properly. Stand outside the vehicle and press the “Lock” and “Unlock” buttons to lock and unlock the doors. Additionally, try starting the engine by pressing the “Push Start” button with the programmed key fob inside the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Program Kia Key Fob Push Start : Step-by-step Guide

How Do I Program A Kia Key Fob?

To program a Kia key fob, start by getting into your vehicle and closing all doors. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “on” position without starting the engine. Quickly press the “lock” button on the fob, followed by the “unlock” button.

Repeat this process for additional fobs, and when finished, turn off the ignition and test the fobs to ensure they are programmed.

Can I Program A Kia Key Fob Myself?

Yes, you can easily program a Kia key fob yourself without the need for special equipment or a trip to the dealership. Following the simple steps outlined in the user manual can help you program the fob from the comfort of your own home.

What If My Kia Key Fob Doesn’t Work After Programming?

If your Kia key fob doesn’t work after programming, try replacing the fob’s battery to ensure it has enough power. If the issue persists, reattempt the programming steps, as sometimes errors can occur during the process. If problems persist, consider seeking assistance from a professional.

Is It Possible To Program More Than One Kia Key Fob?

Yes, you can program multiple Kia key fobs, allowing access to your vehicle for multiple users. Simply follow the programming steps for each additional fob to ensure they are all functional and able to unlock and start the vehicle.


Programming a Kia key fob push start is an important skill to have as a Kia owner. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily program a new key fob and ensure that your vehicle is always accessible and ready to start. If you encounter any difficulties during the programming process, it is recommended to consult the owner’s manual or contact a professional for assistance.

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