How to See How Many Miles Left on Tesla: A Complete Guide

Tesla, with its state-of-the-art electric vehicles equipped with cutting-edge technology, has revolutionized the automotive industry. One of the many impressive features of Tesla vehicles is the ability to monitor and calculate the remaining range or miles on the battery. With the growing popularity of electric cars and the increasing demand for sustainable transportation, knowing how to see how many miles left on a Tesla is essential for Tesla owners and potential buyers.

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Using the Tesla Touchscreen

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to check how many miles are left on a Tesla is through the vehicle’s built-in touchscreen display. Here’s a step-by-step guide to accessing this information:

  1. While inside your Tesla, locate the touchscreen display, which is usually positioned in the center of the dashboard.
  2. Tap the “Energy” or “Battery” icon to access the energy monitoring system.
  3. Once in the energy monitoring system, you can view the estimated range or miles remaining on the battery. This information is based on various factors such as driving habits, outside temperature, and the condition of the battery.

The touchscreen display provides a user-friendly interface that allows Tesla owners to not only check the remaining miles but also gain insights into energy consumption, regenerative braking, and other key metrics related to the vehicle’s efficiency.

Using the Tesla Mobile App

For added convenience, Tesla offers a dedicated mobile app that allows users to interact with their vehicles remotely. Here’s how you can check the remaining miles using the Tesla mobile app:

  1. Ensure that you have the Tesla mobile app installed on your smartphone or mobile device.
  2. Open the app and log in to your Tesla account.
  3. Navigate to the “Vehicle” section within the app.
  4. Once in the “Vehicle” section, you can view important details about your Tesla, including the current battery level and estimated remaining range.

With the Tesla mobile app, users can not only monitor the remaining miles on their vehicles but also perform actions such as locking and unlocking the car, controlling climate settings, and even summoning the vehicle to navigate through tight spaces with the “Summon” feature.

Factors Affecting Range Estimation

It’s important to note that the estimated remaining range displayed on the Tesla touchscreen or mobile app is influenced by several factors. These factors include:

  • Driving Behavior: Aggressive acceleration and high speeds can reduce the overall efficiency of the vehicle, affecting the projected range.
  • Weather Conditions: Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can impact the performance of the battery and subsequently the range of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Load: Carrying heavy loads or additional passengers can contribute to increased energy consumption, affecting the estimated range.
  • Topography: Driving in hilly or mountainous areas can impact the energy consumption of the vehicle, leading to variations in the remaining range.

Understanding these factors can help Tesla owners interpret the estimated range more accurately and make informed decisions regarding their driving habits and travel plans.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To See How Many Miles Left On Tesla: A Complete Guide

How Can I Check The Remaining Range On My Tesla?

To check the remaining range on your Tesla, simply tap the battery icon on the touchscreen.

What Factors Can Affect The Accuracy Of The Remaining Range?

Several factors can affect the accuracy of the remaining range, including driving habits, weather conditions, and cargo weight.

Can I Check The Remaining Range On My Tesla From The Mobile App?

Yes, you can check the remaining range on your Tesla from the mobile app. Simply open the app and navigate to the vehicle’s status.

What Should I Do If The Remaining Range Seems Unusually Low?

If the remaining range seems unusually low, try recalibrating the range display by charging the car to full and then driving it down to a low battery level.


As the automotive industry continues to embrace sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, the visibility of important data such as the remaining miles on a Tesla becomes crucial for both efficiency and peace of mind. Whether accessed through the vehicle’s touchscreen display or the Tesla mobile app, the ability to monitor the remaining range empowers Tesla owners to manage their journeys effectively and promotes the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

By staying informed about the factors that influence range estimation, Tesla owners can optimize their driving experience and contribute to the overall goal of creating a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

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