Is Maserati Owned by Ferrari? Unveiling the Automotive Dynasty

Is Maserati Owned by Ferrari?

Maserati and Ferrari are two iconic names in the luxury automobile industry. Both brands have a rich history and are known for producing high-performance vehicles. It is a common misconception that Maserati is owned by Ferrari, but that is not entirely accurate. While Ferrari has played a significant role in the ownership history of Maserati, they are currently both under the umbrella of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Group.

The History of Maserati and Ferrari

Maserati was founded in 1914 by the Maserati brothers in Bologna, Italy. They initially started as a racing car manufacturer and later expanded into producing road cars. In the following years, Maserati established itself as a formidable competitor in motorsports.

On the other hand, Ferrari was founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari. Initially, Enzo worked for Alfa Romeo and later started his own company with the aim of producing luxury sports cars. Ferrari quickly gained a reputation for manufacturing some of the fastest and most desirable cars in the world.

In 1993, Fiat, an Italian automobile manufacturer, acquired a controlling stake in Maserati. However, the real connection between Maserati and Ferrari comes in 1997 when Maserati was bought by Ferrari. This acquisition allowed Ferrari to expand its product range by incorporating Maserati’s expertise in producing luxury vehicles.

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Group

In 2014, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) was formed as a merger between Fiat and Chrysler. This merger brought together several automotive brands, including Maserati and Ferrari, under the same corporate umbrella. FCA operates as a global automaker, and its portfolio includes well-known brands like Jeep, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, and Ram Trucks.

Under the FCA Group, Maserati and Ferrari continue to operate as separate entities with their own distinct brand identities. While they share resources and technologies, they maintain their individuality in terms of design, engineering, and marketing strategies.

Maserati and Ferrari Collaboration

Even though Maserati and Ferrari are owned by the same parent company, their collaboration is limited. Maserati focuses on producing luxury and high-performance grand touring cars, while Ferrari is renowned for its track-focused sports cars.

However, there have been instances where Maserati and Ferrari collaborated on specific projects. One notable example is the Maserati MC12, which shared its chassis and engine with the Ferrari Enzo. These collaborations highlight the synergies that can be achieved within the FCA Group.

Frequently Asked Questions On Is Maserati Owned By Ferrari? Unveiling The Automotive Dynasty

Is Maserati Owned By Ferrari?

Yes, Maserati is owned by Ferrari since 1999. This acquisition has allowed both companies to leverage their expertise and continue producing high-performance luxury vehicles.

Why Did Ferrari Buy Maserati?

Ferrari bought Maserati to expand its portfolio and establish a stronger presence in the luxury car market. This acquisition also provided Ferrari an opportunity to tap into Maserati’s engineering prowess and heritage.

What Is The Relationship Between Maserati And Ferrari?

Maserati operates as a subsidiary of Ferrari, benefitting from the resources, technology, and expertise of its parent company. However, Maserati maintains its own distinct brand identity and produces unique vehicles in its lineup.

Does Ferrari Influence Maserati?

As the parent company, Ferrari has certain levels of influence on Maserati’s operations. This includes collaborations in R&D, sharing technology platforms, and ensuring Maserati aligns with Ferrari’s quality and performance standards.


While Maserati was once owned by Ferrari, the current ownership structure places both brands under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Group. Maserati and Ferrari continue to operate as separate entities, each with its own unique identity within the luxury automobile market.

Their shared ownership allows for the exchange of technologies and resources, enhancing the overall capabilities of both brands. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of Maserati or the sheer performance of Ferrari, car enthusiasts can enjoy the offerings brought forth by these legendary Italian manufacturers.

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