Is Rolls Royce Bentley

Is Rolls Royce Bentley?

Many people often confuse Rolls Royce and Bentley. Both are luxury car brands. They have a rich history and offer high-end vehicles. But they are different companies. Let’s explore their differences and similarities.

History of Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce was founded in 1904. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce started the company. They aimed to create the best cars in the world. Over time, Rolls Royce became a symbol of luxury and excellence.

History of Bentley

Bentley was founded in 1919. Walter Owen Bentley started the company. He wanted to build fast and reliable cars. Bentley quickly gained fame for its racing success. Especially at the Le Mans 24 Hours race.

Ownership and Company Structure

Today, Rolls Royce and Bentley are owned by different companies. Rolls Royce is owned by BMW. Bentley is owned by Volkswagen Group. They were once part of the same company. But they split in 1998.

Design and Aesthetics

Rolls Royce cars are known for their elegant design. They have a classic and timeless look. Bentley cars are more sporty and dynamic. They have a sleek and modern appearance.

Performance and Engineering

Rolls Royce focuses on comfort and smooth rides. Their cars have powerful engines. But they prioritize a quiet and luxurious experience. Bentley focuses on performance and speed. Their cars are designed for driving enthusiasts.

Is Rolls Royce Bentley


Luxury Features

Both brands offer top-notch luxury features. Rolls Royce cars have unique customizations. You can personalize almost every detail. Bentley cars also offer many luxury options. They focus on craftsmanship and advanced technology.

Price Range

Rolls Royce cars are usually more expensive. They are seen as the pinnacle of luxury. Bentley cars are also expensive. But they are slightly more affordable than Rolls Royce.

Is Rolls Royce Bentley


Customer Base

Rolls Royce appeals to those who want ultimate luxury. Their customers value prestige and comfort. Bentley appeals to those who love performance. Their customers enjoy driving and speed.

Popular Models

Rolls Royce Models

  • Phantom
  • Ghost
  • Wraith
  • Dawn
  • Cullinan

Bentley Models

  • Continental GT
  • Flying Spur
  • Bentayga
  • Mulsanne


Rolls Royce and Bentley are both luxury car brands. They have different histories, designs, and focuses. Rolls Royce is about elegance and comfort. Bentley is about performance and speed. Both offer unique and high-end experiences. So, Rolls Royce is not Bentley. They are separate and distinct brands.

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