What are Ferrari Fans Called

What are Ferrari Fans Called?

Ferrari is one of the most famous car brands in the world. It is known for its fast cars and amazing designs. But do you know what Ferrari fans are called? Ferrari fans have a special name. They are called Tifosi.

Who are the Tifosi?

The word “Tifosi” comes from Italy. It means “fans” or “supporters.” Tifosi are very passionate about Ferrari. They love everything about the brand. They follow Ferrari races, buy Ferrari merchandise, and even visit Ferrari museums.

History Of The Tifosi

The Tifosi have a long history. Ferrari started making cars in 1947. Since then, Ferrari has gained many fans. The Tifosi have supported Ferrari through good times and bad. They cheer for Ferrari at every race. They are loyal and never give up on their favorite car brand.

The Tifosi At Races

The Tifosi are most famous for their presence at races. They wear red clothes, the color of Ferrari. They wave flags and banners. They cheer loudly for the Ferrari drivers. The Tifosi are known for their passion and energy. They make every race exciting.

Why Do People Love Ferrari?

Ferrari cars are special. They are fast, beautiful, and well-made. People love Ferrari for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Speed: Ferrari cars are very fast. They are built for racing.
  • Design: Ferrari cars look amazing. They have sleek and stylish designs.
  • History: Ferrari has a long and rich history. It is a legendary brand.
  • Performance: Ferrari cars perform very well. They are known for their power and handling.

Famous Ferrari Cars

Ferrari has made many famous cars. Here are some of the most well-known models:

Model Year Special Features
Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 One of the rarest and most valuable cars in the world.
Ferrari F40 1987 Built to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary.
Ferrari Enzo 2002 Named after the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari.
Ferrari LaFerrari 2013 A hybrid supercar with amazing performance.
What are Ferrari Fans Called

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The Ferrari Community

The Tifosi are part of a big community. This community includes people from all over the world. They share a love for Ferrari. They meet at events, races, and online forums. They talk about Ferrari cars, share photos, and support each other.

Ferrari Clubs

There are many Ferrari clubs around the world. These clubs organize events and meetups. Members can show off their cars, go for drives, and talk about Ferrari. Some clubs even organize trips to Ferrari factories and museums.

Online Forums And Social Media

The Tifosi also connect online. There are many Ferrari forums and social media groups. Fans can join these groups to talk about their favorite cars. They can share news, photos, and stories. It’s a great way to meet other Ferrari fans and stay updated on the latest Ferrari news.

What are Ferrari Fans Called

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Becoming a Tifosi

Do you want to become a Tifosi? Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Learn about Ferrari: Read books and articles about Ferrari. Watch documentaries and races.
  2. Join a Ferrari club: Find a local Ferrari club and become a member. Attend events and meet other fans.
  3. Follow Ferrari on social media: Follow Ferrari’s official accounts and join fan groups.
  4. Buy Ferrari merchandise: Show your support by wearing Ferrari clothes and accessories.
  5. Visit Ferrari museums and factories: Plan a trip to see where Ferraris are made and learn more about their history.


Ferrari fans are called Tifosi. They are passionate and loyal supporters of the brand. The Tifosi have a long history and are known for their energy and excitement. They love Ferrari for its speed, design, history, and performance. The Tifosi are part of a big community that includes clubs, online forums, and social media groups. If you love Ferrari, you can become a Tifosi too!

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