What Does Avh Mean on a Subaru : A Complete Guide to Understanding.

If you’re a proud owner of a Subaru vehicle, you may have come across the term “AVH.” This acronym can often lead to confusion and uncertainty among Subaru drivers, especially those who are new to the brand. In this article, we’ll delve into the meaning of “AVH” on a Subaru and its significance for your driving experience.

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What Does “AVH” Stand For?

AVH stands for “All Vehicle Hold.” It’s a feature that is unique to Subaru vehicles and is designed to enhance safety and convenience for drivers in certain situations. The AVH system is part of Subaru’s renowned EyeSight driver-assist technology, which includes a range of advanced features aimed at improving overall vehicle safety and performance.

How Does “AVH” Work?

The All Vehicle Hold (AVH) feature is designed to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward or forward when stopped on an incline. This is particularly useful when you’re at a traffic light on a hill or when parking on an incline. The system engages automatically and holds the vehicle in place, reducing the need for excessive use of the foot brake and providing a more comfortable driving experience.

When the AVH system is engaged, it allows the driver to release the brake pedal while the vehicle remains stationary. This offers a significant advantage over traditional vehicles where the driver needs to keep their foot on the brake pedal to prevent rolling. The AVH system automatically engages and disengages, making it seamless and convenient for the driver.

Benefits of “AVH” on a Subaru

The inclusion of the AVH system in Subaru vehicles demonstrates the brand’s commitment to safety and innovation. The key benefits of AVH include:

  • Enhanced Safety: AVH provides an added layer of safety, especially in challenging driving conditions such as steep hills or heavy traffic.
  • Reduced Driver Fatigue: By eliminating the need to constantly hold the brake pedal, AVH can reduce driver fatigue, particularly in stop-and-go traffic situations.
  • Improved Convenience: The convenience of the AVH system contributes to a more relaxed and enjoyable driving experience, particularly in urban or hilly areas.

Which Subaru Models Have “AVH”?

Subaru has progressively integrated the AVH feature into many of its new models, reflecting the brand’s commitment to advancing safety and driving technology across its lineup. Some of the popular Subaru models equipped with the AVH system include:

Subaru Model AVH Availability
Forester Available on certain trims
Outback Standard on select trims
Legacy Standard on certain trims
Ascent Standard on various trims

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Does Avh Mean On A Subaru : A Complete Guide To Understanding.

What Does Avh Mean On A Subaru?

AVH on a Subaru stands for Active Valve Lift System, which optimizes engine performance.

How Does Avh Impact Subaru’s Performance?

The AVH system enhances fuel efficiency and overall engine power in Subaru vehicles.

Why Is Avh Important For Subaru Drivers?

AVH technology improves engine performance, fuel efficiency, and provides a smoother driving experience.

Is Avh Available In All Subaru Models?

AVH is commonly found in newer Subaru models, enhancing the driving experience for many drivers.


Understanding the significance of AVH on a Subaru provides valuable insight into the brand’s dedication to safety, innovation, and driver convenience. As Subaru continues to evolve its vehicle lineup, the AVH system represents a key feature that enhances the overall driving experience for Subaru owners.

Whether you’re navigating challenging terrain or simply encountering the everyday demands of urban driving, the presence of AVH demonstrates Subaru’s commitment to prioritizing safety and enhancing the driving experience for all its customers.

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