What Gear Should I Drive My Acura MDX in?: Optimize Your Driving Experience

What Gear Should I Drive My Acura MDX in

When it comes to driving your Acura MDX, it’s important to understand the different gears and how they can enhance your driving experience. The right gear can help improve fuel efficiency, performance, and overall driving dynamics. In this article, we will discuss the different gears in an Acura MDX and when to use them for optimal performance.

Understanding the Gears

The Acura MDX comes equipped with an automatic transmission, which means the gears are shifted automatically without the need for manual intervention. However, it’s still important to understand the different gear modes available and their functions.

Here are the different gear modes in an Acura MDX:

Gear Mode Description
Park (P) This mode locks the transmission and prevents the vehicle from moving. Use this mode when parking the car.
Reverse (R) This mode engages reverse gear, allowing the vehicle to move backward.
Neutral (N) This mode disengages the gears and allows the vehicle to roll freely.
Drive (D) This mode engages automatic gear shifting and is ideal for regular driving conditions.
Sport Mode (S) This mode enhances the performance of the vehicle by allowing higher RPMs and quicker gear shifts.

When to Use Each Gear

Now that we know the different gears available in an Acura MDX, let’s explore when to use each gear:

Park (p)

Use the Park mode when you want to park your vehicle. This mode locks the transmission, preventing any accidental movements.

Reverse (r)

Engage the Reverse mode when you need to move your vehicle backward. Make sure to fully stop before shifting into Reverse and be cautious of your surroundings.

Neutral (n)

When the vehicle is at a complete stop and you don’t need to apply the brakes, you can shift to Neutral. This helps reduce strain on the transmission and allows the vehicle to roll freely.

Drive (d)

Drive mode is the most common gear for regular driving conditions. It allows the transmission to automatically shift gears based on the speed and load on the vehicle.

For daily commuting, city driving, and highway cruising, the Drive mode provides a comfortable and fuel-efficient driving experience.

Sport Mode (s)

If you’re looking for a more spirited and engaging driving experience, you can switch to Sport mode. This mode allows the engine to rev higher before shifting gears, resulting in quicker acceleration and more responsive performance.

It’s important to note that Sport mode may decrease fuel efficiency due to the higher RPMs. So, it’s best used when you want to enjoy the performance capabilities of your Acura MDX.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Gear Should I Drive My Acura Mdx In?: Optimize Your Driving Experience

What Gear Should I Drive My Acura Mdx In?

You should typically drive your Acura MDX in “Drive” (D) mode for normal everyday driving.


Knowing which gear to use in your Acura MDX can greatly enhance your overall driving experience. Understanding the different gear modes and when to use them can optimize performance, fuel efficiency, and vehicle control.


  • Use Park (P) for parking
  • Engage Reverse (R) for moving backward
  • Shift to Neutral (N) when at a complete stop
  • Drive (D) is the standard gear for regular driving
  • Use Sport Mode (S) for a more dynamic driving experience

With this knowledge, you are now equipped to make the most out of your Acura MDX and enjoy a smooth and efficient ride!

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