What is Acura Sh Awd : Unraveling the Power and Performance

What is Acura SH-AWD

When it comes to luxury vehicles, Acura is a name that often stands out. Acura has built a reputation for producing high-quality and innovative cars that combine performance, comfort, and advanced technology. One of the standout features in Acura vehicles is the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system.

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What is SH-AWD?

SH-AWD is an advanced all-wheel-drive system developed by Acura. It is designed to deliver exceptional handling and performance on the road, regardless of the weather conditions. SH-AWD is a drivetrain system that not only distributes power between the front and rear wheels but also between the left and right rear wheels, allowing for better control and stability.

How does SH-AWD work?

The SH-AWD system uses an array of sensors to continuously monitor the conditions of the road, the vehicle’s speed, and the driver’s input. Based on this data, the system determines the ideal power distribution for each wheel. This intelligent system can transfer power not only from front to back but also between the wheels on the same axle, maximizing traction and stability.

During normal driving conditions, most of the power is sent to the front wheels, providing the vehicle with better fuel efficiency. However, as the need arises for improved performance or traction, the SH-AWD system automatically sends power to the rear wheels and can further distribute power between the left and right rear wheels.

The Benefits of SH-AWD

1. Enhanced Handling: The SH-AWD system improves the vehicle’s cornering capabilities by providing additional power to the outer rear wheel, reducing understeer and enhancing stability.

2. Improved Traction: By transferring power to the rear wheels when needed, the SH-AWD system improves traction on slippery or uneven road surfaces, making Acura vehicles more capable in adverse weather conditions.

3. Maximum Performance: SH-AWD allows Acura vehicles to achieve impressive acceleration and performance by sending power to the wheels with the most grip, maximizing the vehicle’s potential.

4. Increased Safety: The SH-AWD system helps drivers maintain control of their vehicles even in challenging driving conditions, reducing the risk of skidding and improving overall safety.

Which Acura models offer SH-AWD?

Acura offers the SH-AWD system in several of their models, including:

Model Body Style
Acura TLX Sedan
Acura RLX Sedan

These models showcase Acura’s commitment to providing both luxury and performance in their vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is Acura Sh Awd : Unraveling The Power And Performance

What Is Acura Sh-awd?

Acura SH-AWD, or Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, is a cutting-edge technology that enhances the vehicle’s performance and provides improved handling and traction on various road conditions.

How Does Acura Sh-awd Work?

Acura SH-AWD uses a sophisticated torque vectoring system to distribute power between the front and rear wheels. It can send power to individual wheels to maximize traction, enabling better stability and cornering capabilities.

What Are The Benefits Of Acura Sh-awd?

Acura SH-AWD offers several benefits, including enhanced handling, improved traction on slippery surfaces, increased stability during cornering, and a smoother driving experience overall. It enhances both performance and safety.

Is Acura Sh-awd Available On All Acura Models?

No, Acura SH-AWD is not available on all Acura models. However, it is offered on select models like the Acura RDX, MDX, and TLX. It is a feature that adds value to the driving experience.


Acura’s SH-AWD system is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and performance. With its ability to deliver power to the wheels with the most grip, the SH-AWD system enhances the driving experience by improving handling, traction, and overall performance. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or tackling winding roads, Acura vehicles equipped with SH-AWD offer a level of confidence and control that sets them apart from the competition.

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