What is Auto Vehicle Hold on Subaru : Mastering the Convenient Feature

Subaru has always been at the forefront of innovative automotive technologies, and one of their most convenient features is Auto Vehicle Hold. This feature, available in many Subaru models, offers a new level of convenience and safety for drivers. In this article, we will explore what Auto Vehicle Hold is, how it works, and why it’s a valuable addition to the driving experience in a Subaru.

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Understanding Auto Vehicle Hold

Auto Vehicle Hold, also known as AVH, is a feature that allows the driver to come to a complete stop in their vehicle without having to keep their foot on the brake pedal. This feature is particularly useful when driving in heavy traffic, on steep inclines, or during long periods of idling. When the driver brings the vehicle to a stop and applies the brakes, Auto Vehicle Hold engages to keep the vehicle stationary until the driver accelerates again.

How Auto Vehicle Hold Works

When the driver comes to a stop and presses firmly on the brake pedal, the Auto Vehicle Hold system engages and holds the vehicle in place. This allows the driver to release their foot from the brake pedal while the vehicle remains stationary. The system is designed to deactivate as soon as the driver presses the accelerator, allowing for smooth and seamless acceleration without rolling back on inclines.

The system is intelligent enough to recognize when the driver’s door is opened or the driver unfastens their seatbelt, automatically disengaging to ensure safety. Auto Vehicle Hold makes driving in stop-and-go traffic much more convenient, as drivers no longer need to constantly switch between the brake and accelerator pedals.

The Benefits of Auto Vehicle Hold

There are several benefits to having Auto Vehicle Hold in a Subaru:


Auto Vehicle Hold simplifies driving in traffic and on steep slopes by reducing the need for continuous pedal input. This can significantly reduce driver fatigue and make the driving experience more enjoyable.


By holding the vehicle in place when stopped, Auto Vehicle Hold reduces the risk of rolling back on inclines, especially in manual transmission vehicles. This feature also allows the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel when stationary, improving overall vehicle control.


Auto Vehicle Hold can contribute to fuel efficiency by reducing unnecessary acceleration and braking in traffic situations. The system allows for smoother and more controlled driving, which can positively impact fuel economy.

Availability in Subaru Models

Auto Vehicle Hold is available in many Subaru models, particularly in those equipped with the brand’s Lineartronic┬« Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This includes popular models such as the Subaru Outback, Forester, and Legacy. The implementation of this feature varies slightly between different Subaru models, so it’s important for drivers to consult their vehicle’s manual for specific operational details.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Is Auto Vehicle Hold On Subaru : Mastering The Convenient Feature

What Is The Auto Vehicle Hold Feature On Subaru?

The Auto Vehicle Hold feature on a Subaru allows the vehicle to hold its position when stopped without the driver needing to keep their foot on the brake pedal.

How Does Auto Vehicle Hold Function On Subaru Vehicles?

Auto Vehicle Hold on Subaru vehicles engages the brakes when the vehicle is at a complete stop, and releases them when the driver accelerates. This feature is particularly useful when waiting at traffic lights or in heavy traffic.

Is Auto Vehicle Hold A Standard Feature On All Subaru Models?

Auto Vehicle Hold is not standard on all Subaru models, but it is available in many newer Subaru vehicles as a standard or optional feature.

How Does Auto Vehicle Hold Enhance Driving Convenience?

Auto Vehicle Hold makes driving more convenient by reducing the need to keep the foot on the brake pedal when stopped, particularly in situations where the vehicle may need to remain stationary for an extended period.


Auto Vehicle Hold is a prime example of Subaru’s commitment to enhancing the driving experience through innovative technology. This feature offers convenience, safety, and efficiency benefits that can greatly improve the daily driving experience. Whether navigating through urban traffic or tackling challenging terrain, Auto Vehicle Hold provides drivers with peace of mind and seamless control over their Subaru vehicle.

Are you considering a Subaru with Auto Vehicle Hold? Let us know your thoughts on this feature and how you believe it can enhance your driving experience!

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