What is the Blue Light on My Subaru Dashboard : Decoding the Mystery

As a Subaru owner, you might have noticed a blue light on your dashboard that leaves you puzzled. While it’s easy to panic or ignore it, understanding what this blue light means can help you ensure the safety and longevity of your vehicle. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of the blue light on your Subaru dashboard and what actions you should take when it illuminates.

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What Does the Blue Light Indicate?

The blue light on your Subaru dashboard is a part of the vehicle’s cold engine start system. This system is designed to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency by alerting the driver when the engine is cold. The blue light functions as an indicator that the engine temperature is still low, and the vehicle has not yet reached its optimal operating temperature.

It’s essential to note that this light is different from the blue indicator for high beam headlights and the red or orange warning lights that signify potential issues with the vehicle. Understanding the distinction between these lights can prevent unnecessary worry or oversight.

Actions to Take When the Blue Light is Illuminated

When you start your Subaru and notice the blue light on the dashboard, it’s crucial to allow the engine to warm up properly before driving off. Operating the vehicle with a cold engine can result in increased emissions, reduced fuel efficiency, and potential wear on the engine components.

Here are the recommended steps to follow when the blue light is illuminated:

  1. Allow the Engine to Idle: Let the engine idle for a few minutes to give it time to warm up gradually. This allows the oil to circulate through the engine and reach optimal viscosity, reducing friction and wear on moving parts.
  2. Drive Gently: Once the blue light turns off and the engine has warmed up, drive gently for the first few miles to ensure all components reach their operating temperature. Avoid sudden acceleration or high revving until the engine is fully warmed up.
  3. Maintain Regular Maintenance: Keeping up with scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes and coolant checks, can help ensure that your engine operates at its best and reduces the frequency of the blue light illuminating.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Is The Blue Light On My Subaru Dashboard : Decoding The Mystery

What Does The Blue Light On My Subaru Dashboard Mean?

The blue light on your Subaru dashboard typically indicates that the high beam headlights are turned on.

Why Is It Important To Pay Attention To The Blue Light On My Subaru Dashboard?

Paying attention to dashboard lights, including the blue light, helps ensure safe and efficient vehicle operation.

How Do I Turn Off The Blue Light On My Subaru Dashboard?

To turn off the blue light, simply switch the headlights from high beam to low beam using the control lever or switch.

Can The Blue Light On My Subaru Dashboard Affect My Driving?

The blue light itself indicates the high beams are on, but if left on inappropriately, it could potentially impact other drivers.


Now that you have a better understanding of the blue light on your Subaru dashboard, you can respond appropriately when it illuminates. By allowing the engine to warm up properly and driving gently during the initial miles, you can help maintain the efficiency and longevity of your Subaru vehicle. Remember, staying attentive to your vehicle’s indicators and following best practices for maintenance can contribute to a smoother driving experience and minimize potential issues in the long run.

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