When Haval Models Launch: The Ultimate Guide to the Latest and Greatest!

When Haval Models Launch

Since its establishment in 2013, Haval, a leading automotive brand under Great Wall Motors, has been making waves in the automobile industry worldwide. With a focus on SUVs, Haval has gained a strong reputation for its high-quality vehicles that offer great performance, advanced technology, and exceptional safety features.

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Let’s take a closer look at some of the key Haval models that have been launched in recent years:

Haval H2

The Haval H2 is a compact SUV that combines style, comfort, and advanced technology. It boasts a sleek and modern design, featuring a distinctive grille and sharp lines. The interior offers spaciousness and luxury, with premium materials used throughout. Equipped with various safety features such as electronic stability control and six airbags, the Haval H2 ensures a safe and secure ride for both the driver and passengers.

Haval H6

The Haval H6 is a mid-size SUV that delivers a powerful and thrilling driving experience. With its muscular and bold design, the H6 stands out on the road. The interior offers comfort and convenience, with features like a multifunctional steering wheel and a touchscreen infotainment system. Safety is a top priority in the H6, as it includes features like lane departure warning and blind-spot monitoring.

Haval F7

The Haval F7 is a compact SUV that combines elegance with sportiness. Its sleek and aerodynamic design exudes confidence and style. Inside, the F7 offers a sophisticated and comfortable cabin, with features like a panoramic sunroof and leather seats. Advanced safety features, including adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking, make the F7 a safe choice for any driver.

Haval H9

The Haval H9 is a full-size SUV that is built for off-road adventures. With its rugged and muscular exterior, the H9 is ready to tackle any terrain. The interior offers a spacious and luxurious cabin, with third-row seating available for larger families. The H9 is equipped with advanced off-road features such as hill descent control and a 4WD system, making it the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Haval Jolion

The Haval Jolion is a compact SUV that combines style, performance, and versatility. With its sleek and dynamic design, the Jolion is perfect for urban driving. The interior offers a comfortable and modern space, with features like a digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen infotainment system. Safety features, including a 360-degree camera and parking sensors, provide peace of mind on the road.

Haval Big Dog

The Haval Big Dog is a pickup truck that offers power and capability. With its robust and muscular design, the Big Dog is built to handle heavy-duty tasks. The interior provides a comfortable and practical space, with features like a generous cargo bed and advanced infotainment system. The Big Dog is equipped with safety features such as a reinforced chassis and advanced braking systems.

Frequently Asked Questions Of When Haval Models Launch: The Ultimate Guide To The Latest And Greatest!

What Are The Latest Haval Models Available?

The latest Haval models include the H6, H9, and H2. These models offer advanced features and impressive performance.

What Is The Price Range Of Haval Models?

The price range of Haval models varies depending on the model and its features. It can range from affordable options to more premium choices.

Can I Test Drive A Haval Model Before Purchasing?

Yes, you can schedule a test drive of a Haval model at your nearest dealership. It allows you to experience the vehicle’s performance and comfort firsthand.

What Are The Safety Features In Haval Models?

Haval models are equipped with advanced safety features such as multiple airbags, ABS, EBD, ESC, and blind-spot detection. These features ensure a safe driving experience.


Haval is continuously expanding its lineup of models, catering to various preferences and needs of consumers worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a compact SUV, a mid-size SUV, a full-size SUV, a pickup truck, or anything in between, Haval has a model that fits your requirements. With their commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, Haval models are worth considering when looking for your next vehicle.

Explore Haval models today and experience the thrill of driving!

Model Description
Haval H2 A compact SUV with stylish design and advanced safety features.
Haval H6 A mid-size SUV with a powerful driving experience and advanced technology.
Haval F7 A compact SUV with elegance, sportiness, and advanced safety features.
Haval H9 A full-size SUV built for off-road adventures with a spacious interior.
Haval Jolion A compact SUV that combines style, performance, and versatility.
Haval Big Dog A pickup truck with power and capability for heavy-duty tasks.


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