Where is Farnsworth Bentley

Where is Farnsworth Bentley?

Many people ask, “Where is Farnsworth Bentley now?” Let’s find out together. Farnsworth Bentley, also known as Derek Watkins, is a multi-talented person. He is famous for being P. Diddy’s assistant. But he has done much more. Let’s explore his journey.

Where is Farnsworth Bentley

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Early Life and Education

Farnsworth Bentley was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in a loving family. His parents supported his dreams. He attended Morehouse College. There, he studied biology. But he loved fashion and music more.

Becoming P. Diddy’s Assistant

After college, Bentley moved to New York City. He wanted to follow his dreams. He met P. Diddy and became his assistant. He was always stylish and had a great personality. This made him stand out.

Farnsworth Bentley’s Signature Style

Bentley was known for his unique style. He loved bow ties, umbrellas, and suits. He always looked sharp. People loved his fashion sense. He became a fashion icon.

Television and Film Appearances

Bentley didn’t just work for P. Diddy. He appeared on TV and in movies. He was on shows like “Making the Band 2” and “The Simple Life.” He even had his own show called “From G’s to Gents.” This show helped men improve their style and manners.

Music Career

Bentley also loves music. He released his own album called “C.O.L.O.U.R.S.” The album had many different styles of music. People enjoyed his creativity.

Writing and Books

Bentley wrote a book too. It is called “Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead.” The book gives tips on how to be confident and stylish. It is very helpful for young people.

Public Speaking

Bentley is also a great speaker. He gives talks at schools and events. He shares his story and inspires others. He tells people to follow their dreams and work hard.

Family Life

Bentley is married to Faune Chambers. She is an actress. They have two children. Bentley loves spending time with his family. They are very happy together.

Current Ventures

So, where is Farnsworth Bentley now? He is still very active. He works on many projects. He is involved in fashion, music, and speaking. He is always looking for new opportunities.

Farnsworth Bentley’s Impact

Bentley has made a big impact on many people. He has inspired others to be themselves. He has shown that hard work pays off. He is a role model for many.


Farnsworth Bentley is an amazing person. He has done many great things. From being P. Diddy’s assistant to inspiring others. He continues to make a difference. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

Quick Facts About Farnsworth Bentley

Fact Details
Real Name Derek Watkins
Born Atlanta, Georgia
College Morehouse College
Famous For Being P. Diddy’s Assistant
Signature Style Bow Ties, Umbrellas, Suits
Book “Advance Your Swagger”
Where is Farnsworth Bentley

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Follow Farnsworth Bentley

If you want to keep up with Bentley, follow him on social media. He shares updates about his life and projects. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter. Stay connected and be inspired!

Final Thoughts

Now you know where Farnsworth Bentley is. He is a talented and inspiring person. He continues to do great things. Follow your dreams like Bentley. Work hard and stay true to yourself.

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