Who Owns Bentley Motors

Who Owns Bentley Motors?

Bentley Motors is a famous car brand. It makes luxury cars. These cars are known for their style and speed. But who owns Bentley Motors? Let’s find out!

Who Owns Bentley Motors

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The History of Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors started in 1919. W.O. Bentley founded the company. He wanted to make fast and strong cars. His dream came true. Bentley cars won many races. They even won the famous Le Mans race.

Over the years, Bentley Motors faced ups and downs. It went through different ownerships. But the brand stayed strong. Today, Bentley is a symbol of luxury and power.

Who Owns Bentley Motors

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Current Ownership of Bentley Motors

So, who owns Bentley Motors today? The answer is Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen is a big car company. It owns many car brands. Some of these brands are Audi, Porsche, and Lamborghini.

Volkswagen Group bought Bentley Motors in 1998. Since then, they have made many changes. They have improved the cars and made them even better. Today, Bentley cars are sold all over the world.

Why Volkswagen Group Bought Bentley Motors

Volkswagen Group bought Bentley for many reasons. First, they wanted to enter the luxury car market. Bentley was a perfect fit. It had a strong brand and loyal customers.

Second, they wanted to use their technology. Volkswagen has a lot of experience in making cars. They used this knowledge to make Bentley cars even better.

The Future of Bentley Motors

What does the future hold for Bentley Motors? The future looks bright. Bentley is working on new technologies. They are making electric and hybrid cars. These cars are good for the environment.

Bentley is also focusing on design. They want their cars to look and feel special. Every Bentley car is made with care and attention to detail.

Bentley’s Commitment To Sustainability

Bentley cares about the environment. They are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. They have a plan to become carbon neutral by 2030. This means they will not harm the environment.

They are also using sustainable materials. For example, they use recycled materials in their cars. This helps to protect the planet.

Interesting Facts About Bentley Motors

  • Bentley Motors was founded in 1919.
  • W.O. Bentley was the founder of the company.
  • Bentley cars have won the Le Mans race six times.
  • Volkswagen Group owns Bentley Motors today.
  • Bentley is working on electric and hybrid cars.


Bentley Motors is a legendary car brand. It has a rich history and a bright future. Today, it is owned by Volkswagen Group. They are making sure that Bentley continues to shine. With new technologies and a focus on sustainability, Bentley is ready for the future.

So, the next time you see a Bentley car, you will know who owns it. It is a part of the Volkswagen family. And it is a symbol of luxury and power.

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