Who Owns the Company Ferrari

Who Owns the Company Ferrari?

Ferrari is a famous Italian car company. It makes luxury sports cars. Many people love Ferrari cars. But who owns Ferrari? Let’s find out!

History of Ferrari

Ferrari started in 1939. Enzo Ferrari founded the company. He loved racing cars. Enzo wanted to build the best racing cars in the world. And he did!

Early Years

At first, Ferrari was part of Alfa Romeo. Enzo worked for Alfa Romeo. He built racing cars for them. In 1947, Ferrari became an independent company.

The first Ferrari car was the 125 S. It had a V12 engine. It was very fast and powerful. People loved it.

Racing Success

Ferrari cars are famous for racing. They have won many races. Ferrari has won many Formula 1 championships. This made them very popular.

Ownership Changes

Ferrari has changed owners over the years. Let’s see who has owned Ferrari.

Fiat Group

In 1969, Fiat bought 50% of Ferrari. Fiat is a big car company in Italy. They helped Ferrari grow. Fiat later owned 90% of Ferrari.

Public Company

In 2015, Ferrari became a public company. This means people can buy shares in Ferrari. Ferrari is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It has the ticker symbol RACE.

Current Ownership

Today, Ferrari is still partly owned by Fiat. But most of Ferrari is owned by many shareholders. These shareholders are people who bought Ferrari shares.

Here is a table showing the main owners of Ferrari:

Owner Percentage
Exor N.V. (Fiat’s holding company) 23.5%
Piero Ferrari 10%
Public Shareholders 66.5%
Who Owns the Company Ferrari

Credit: www.ferrarilakeforest.com

Key Facts About Ferrari

  • Ferrari was founded in 1939.
  • Enzo Ferrari started the company.
  • Ferrari is famous for luxury sports cars.
  • Ferrari cars have won many races.
  • Ferrari became a public company in 2015.
  • Exor N.V. owns 23.5% of Ferrari.
  • Piero Ferrari owns 10% of Ferrari.
  • Public shareholders own 66.5% of Ferrari.
Who Owns the Company Ferrari

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Ferrari is a legendary car company. It has a rich history and many fans. Today, Ferrari is owned by Exor N.V., Piero Ferrari, and many public shareholders. This means Ferrari is owned by many people around the world. Ferrari will continue to make amazing cars for years to come.

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