Will Carmax Buy a Car That Doesn’t Run? Discover Their Policy Today!

Yes, Carmax will buy a car that doesn’t run. Carmax is known for purchasing cars in any condition.

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Selling a car that doesn’t run can be a challenge, but not when you are dealing with Carmax. Whether your vehicle has mechanical issues, engine problems, or is simply non-functional, Carmax is willing to buy it. Carmax is a reputable car-buying service that specializes in purchasing used cars from individuals.

They offer a hassle-free selling experience and will give you a fair offer for your car, regardless of its condition. So, if you have a car that doesn’t run and you’re looking to sell it quickly and easily, Carmax is a great option to consider.

Carmax Car Buying Policy

Carmax has a car buying policy that includes buying cars that don’t run, making it a convenient option for selling non-functioning vehicles.

Introduction To Carmax Car Buying Policy

Carmax, a renowned name in the automotive industry, has a hassle-free car buying process that caters to individuals looking to sell their vehicles quickly and conveniently. As part of its car buying policy, Carmax even considers purchasing cars that don’t run. Whether your car is experiencing mechanical issues, has been in an accident, or simply won’t start, Carmax offers an opportunity to turn your non-running car into cash. Let’s take a closer look at the conditions and steps involved in selling a non-running car to Carmax.

Conditions For Buying A Car That Doesn’t Run

Condition Details
Mechanical Issues If your non-running car has mechanical problems preventing it from starting or running smoothly, Carmax can still consider purchasing it. This includes issues with the engine, transmission, suspension, or any other major component.
Accident Damages Even if your car has been in an accident and is currently undrivable, Carmax will assess its value and potentially buy it from you. Whether it has body damage, broken parts, or other accident-related issues, Carmax takes all conditions into account.
Non-Operational If your car simply won’t start or has an electrical or ignition problem that prevents it from running, you can still explore the option of selling it to Carmax. Their experts will evaluate the car based on its overall condition and market value.

Steps To Sell A Non-running Car To Carmax

  1. Contact Carmax: Begin the process by reaching out to Carmax through their website or contacting your local Carmax dealer. Provide them with the necessary information about your non-running car, such as its make, model, year, condition, and any specific details regarding its non-running status.
  2. Schedule an Appointment: After submitting your car’s details, Carmax will schedule an appointment for you to bring the vehicle in for evaluation. This allows their knowledgeable staff to assess the car thoroughly.
  3. Expert Evaluation: At the appointment, Carmax professionals will inspect your non-running car’s condition, both inside and out. They will consider factors such as its overall appeal, mileage, damages, mechanical issues, accident history, and more.
  4. Offer Presentation: Following the evaluation, Carmax will present you with a fair and competitive cash offer for your non-running car. You have the choice to accept or decline the offer.
  5. Sale Completion: Should you accept the offer, Carmax will take care of all the paperwork and finalize the sale. They will provide the payment instantly, allowing you to turn your non-running car into cash without the hassle of waiting for checks to clear or dealing with multiple buyers.

By understanding the car buying policy of Carmax, owners of non-running cars can feel confident in the possibility of selling their vehicles and receiving a fair price. So, if you have a car that doesn’t run and you want to sell it quickly, consider reaching out to Carmax for a stress-free selling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Will Carmax Buy A Car That Doesn’t Run

Does Carmax Take Cars That Aren T Running?

Yes, CarMax does accept cars that are not running. You can sell your non-running car to CarMax for an offer based on their appraisal process.

Will Carmax Buy A Car With Bad Engine?

CarMax does not typically purchase cars with bad engines. They have strict standards for the vehicles they buy, ensuring they are in good working condition. If your car has a bad engine, it may be best to explore other options for selling or repairing it.

Will Carmax Buy A Car That I Still Owe On?

Yes, CarMax will buy your car even if you still owe on it. They’ll help you pay off the remaining balance, so you can sell your car hassle-free.

Will Carvana Take A Car That Doesn’t Run?

Yes, Carvana will take a car that doesn’t run. They specialize in purchasing all types of vehicles, regardless of their running condition.


Carmax is a reputable car buying company that indeed considers purchasing vehicles that do not run. With their straightforward and hassle-free process, they aim to provide convenient solutions for car owners in need. By reaching out to Carmax, you can explore the possibility of selling your non-running car and receive a fair offer based on its condition.

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