How Much is a Bentley in Dubai

How Much is a Bentley in Dubai?

Bentley cars are known for their luxury and performance. If you are in Dubai, you might wonder about their cost. This article will help you understand the prices of different Bentley models in Dubai.

How Much is a Bentley in Dubai


Bentley Models Available in Dubai

Bentley offers various models in Dubai. Each model has unique features and prices. Let’s explore some popular Bentley models available in Dubai.

Bentley Bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga is a luxury SUV. It combines elegance and power. It is one of the most popular Bentley models in Dubai.

Model Price (AED)
Bentley Bentayga V8 800,000 – 900,000
Bentley Bentayga W12 1,000,000 – 1,200,000

The prices can vary based on the features and customizations you choose.

Bentley Continental Gt

The Bentley Continental GT is a grand tourer. It is known for its speed and style. It is a favorite among car enthusiasts in Dubai.

Model Price (AED)
Bentley Continental GT V8 900,000 – 1,100,000
Bentley Continental GT W12 1,200,000 – 1,500,000

The price depends on the engine type and additional features.

Bentley Flying Spur

The Bentley Flying Spur is a luxury sedan. It offers comfort and performance. It is perfect for those who enjoy a smooth ride in Dubai.

Model Price (AED)
Bentley Flying Spur V8 950,000 – 1,100,000
Bentley Flying Spur W12 1,300,000 – 1,600,000

As with other models, the price varies based on customization.

Factors Affecting Bentley Prices in Dubai

Several factors can affect the price of a Bentley in Dubai. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision.

Customization Options

Bentley offers various customization options. You can choose the color, interior materials, and more. Customizations can increase the overall price.

Engine Type

Bentley cars come with different engine options. V8 engines are usually less expensive than W12 engines. The engine type can significantly affect the price.

Additional Features

Additional features like advanced sound systems or special trims can add to the cost. You can select these features based on your preferences.

Dealer Markup

Different dealers may have different prices. It is good to check multiple dealers in Dubai to get the best deal.

Buying a Bentley in Dubai

Buying a Bentley in Dubai is a straightforward process. Here are some steps to help you.


Start by researching different Bentley models. Understand their features and prices. This will help you choose the right model for you.

Visit Dealers

Visit authorized Bentley dealers in Dubai. Check the cars in person. Ask about customization options and additional features.

Test Drive

Always take a test drive before buying. This will help you understand the car’s performance and comfort.

Check Financing Options

Look for financing options if needed. Many dealers offer financing plans to make the purchase easier.


Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price. Dealers may offer discounts or special deals. This can help you save money.

Complete The Purchase

Once you are satisfied, complete the purchase. Make sure to get all necessary documents and warranties.

How Much is a Bentley in Dubai


Why Buy a Bentley in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its luxury lifestyle. Owning a Bentley in Dubai has several benefits.

Luxury And Comfort

Bentley cars offer unmatched luxury and comfort. They are perfect for Dubai’s high standards.


Bentleys are known for their performance. They offer a smooth and powerful driving experience.

Status Symbol

Owning a Bentley is a status symbol. It reflects success and sophistication.

Resale Value

Bentleys have good resale value. They are a good investment for the future.


Owning a Bentley in Dubai is a dream for many. The prices vary based on models and customization options. By understanding the factors affecting the price, you can make an informed decision. Enjoy the luxury and performance of a Bentley in the glamorous city of Dubai.

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